Seeking WWII service records for Herbert W. McQuown, USAAF DOB 11/30/1915

My father, Herbert W. McQuown, retired as a Lt. Col from USAF after 30+ years of service. During WWII in the USAAF, I think he flew out of North Africa for at least part of the war (Tunis?). I believe he mentioned flying missions to Italy. I do not know which aircraft, but I believe at least one was a fighter plane. He was wounded at some point and separated from his squadron, but made it back to base later. He did receive a Purple Heart among other decorations. He passed away in 2000 and is interred at Arlington National Cemetery. I will try to find more information, but I am not sure how much I have. 

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  • Thank you for getting in touch with me. Yes. That was my dad. He is buried at Arlington as is my mom. I have his flag. It is nice to know that he is remembered. I was married in Honolulu in 1968 and Dad flew there from Vietnam to walk me down the aisle. I hope you are doing well. You must have been very young in 1967! Dad seemed to have had great luck with crew chiefs over the years.

  • I tried over the years to locate him or a family member and I am glad I didn't give up.  I knew he was buried in Arlington and I believe he lived to be 88 years old.  He chose me as his crew chief.  I had a reputation of being able to fix anything on the aircraft he flew.  He flew an O-2 and sometimes an O-1. He was in command of the 20 TASS in April 15. 1967.  I turned 21 in August of that year.  I seriously feared officers especially above Major and I think he realized that and was very kind to me.  He took me out of country several times.  He also took me into the bush a couple of times.  The aircraft he flew is in the Arizona graveyard. I am now 77 years old and doing well for an old guy.

  • Thanks for the info about my father! It is so very nice to hear that he was kind to you. It means a lot to me.

    I know he didn't continue flying O2s in Vietnam, but I can't recall what he transitioned to. He met my husband-to-be when Pat landed in Vietnam for his assignment at Tuy Hoa. Dad took R&R to Honolulu in July of 1968 to walk me down the aisle at the chapel at Hickam AFB, He arrived 2 days late due to a typhoon! 

    Dad was 84 when he died after a fall.

    Before I mentioned how young you were back then, I should have thought of how old I was in 1968. You and I are close in age as I am now 80.