I am searching for a specific person: Eddie-Robert Young (sometimes Joung), born in Pittsburgh, Jan. 17, 1895.

As an African American he enlisted in the army supposedly already in 1916  and, following the documents trained in Desmoinne, Ohio (I am not sure if it is rather Des Moines Iowa or really in Ohio. If you have more information on that, that would already help.). He was shipped to France in 1919 and probably staid in Brest. So, I am searching for any additional information on him.

Also I would like to know, as he staid in France afterwards, if this means he deserted or if there were other options to stay. (He married a French women in 1919).

As I am not in the US, I can only access documents online, but as I said, I am also happy about other additional information.

I would be very happy about some answers. Thank you beforehand.

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