I am researching my father’s WWII service in the Army Air Forces. On his Honorable Discharge paper it states the unit he was assigned to (at time of discharge) was “HQ & HQ SQ 21ST AIR SERVICE GP” I cannot find anything on this particular group, although I can find other numbered groups and general information on Air Service Group structure, but nothing on the 21st as worded on his discharge paper. I am an USAF veteran myself and can usually find these things. His date of separation was 25 DEC 45. He served in the Pacific Theater as both an aircraft mechanic (B-25) and crew member (with wings) and as a photographer. I have not been able to find what unit/company he was assigned to in the Pacific. I would really like to find that as some units have very thorough and enlightening histories written about their combat actions. If you require more information from his discharge paper, I can provide it. Thank you for your assistance.