270th FA Bn.  ETO. WWII

i have been doing some fact finding about the 270th for the last few months and am wondering if anyone on here  has info about this unit?   This was my Grandfathers unit during the war and I would like to learn a little more about it.

Also can someone tell me where this info is from?  I have done so much digging/finding that I now know I did not keep my information in an orderly fashion.  Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Thanks.   Brian

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  • I have kinda ran into a lull in finding new information about the fatal crash of the Units L4 observer plane. Waiting on a reply from the AF Historical Research folks to see if they have anything helpful. A new tactic I think may be worthy of some effort is trying to locate the field repair and recovery unit that went to the crash site and fixed/recovered the aircraft. Assumption being that they would have a record of serial numbers and repairs done to equipment they recovered/repaired.

    A couple things I need to work out are:

    What were those types of units called? Repair/Recover units, Echelons above Bn Maintenance, etc..?

    Was it handled by the Bn Maintenance section which would have had enough equipment and persons to do it internally?

    I am open to any other ideas as well.