270th FA Bn.  ETO. WWII

i have been doing some fact finding about the 270th for the last few months and am wondering if anyone on here  has info about this unit?   This was my Grandfathers unit during the war and I would like to learn a little more about it.

Also can someone tell me where this info is from?  I have done so much digging/finding that I now know I did not keep my information in an orderly fashion.  Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Thanks.   Brian

  • 270th FA personnel as best as I can make it.

    PVT Ignaco Adam (C Btry)

    CPT Bernard Adams (C Btry CDR)

    PVT Celedonio Aguilar (C Btry)

    SSG Carl Aldrich (B Btry)

    PVT Martin Aleman (C Btry)

    PVT Robert E. Allison (HQ Btry)

    PVT Margarito Alvarez (A Btry)

    PVT Joe Anderson (C Btry)

    CPL Herman “Tom” Anderson (A Btry)

    PVT Raymond Anderson (C Btry)

    SSG Frank S. Andrasovsky (HQ Btry)

    PVT Freddie Andres (A Btry)

    SGT Ira Andrews (B Btry)

    1LT Eugene Anspach (Motor Officer, Liaison Pilot/Observer shot down over Germany KIA 2 Jan ’45)

    PVT Serafin Arellano (B Btry)

    PVT Wivis Arnaud (B Btry)

    PVT Enlow C. Arnold (HQ Btry)

    MAJ Luther Arnold (Bn XO)

    PFC Merle Arnold (Ammo Handler A Btry)

    Ward Ashford (B Btry Survey Team)

    SSG Edwin (EE) Atteberry Sr (After the war was commissioned as a LT in the Texas NG.)

    PVT John Aydam (C Btry)

    PVT Richard Bailes (C Btry)

    TEC5 Frank Baker

    TEC4 Delbert H. Ballengee (HQ Btry FDC Instrument Operator, Commissioned in Reserves and retired as a CPT, Instructed at the FA School, FSOK)

    Morris Barker (C Btry Instrument Section later transferred to Pilot Training and was commissioned as a 2LT.  Shot down and was a POW)

    PVT Roger Baribeault

    PVT Morris Barker (C Btry)

    PVT Marvin Barnett (B Btry)

    PVT Daniel L. Barron (HQ Btry)

    TEC5 William Basham

    2LT William Battin

    PVT Ernest Bauer (C Btry)

    TEC4 Herbert Baumann (B Btry Bronze Star)

    SGT Vernard Beach (A Btry)

    PVT Titus J. Bean (B Btry)

    TEC5 Thomas E. Bean (HQ Btry)

    PVT William Beard (B Btry)

    PVT Melvin C. Beaty (HQ Btry)

    PVT Gilberto Benevidez (HQ Btry)

    CPL Harry S. Bennett (HQ Btry)

    PVT Lyle Bensley (C Btry)

    CPL Wilbourn E. Benton (HQ Btry)

    PVT Hardy S. Black (HQ Btry)

    PVT Benny R. Blankenship (B Btry)

    PVT Elmer L. Bliss (B Btry)

    CPL Dan Bloom (C Btry, Survey Team)

    PVT William H. Boatman (HQ Btry)

    PVT Prentice D. Boddy (HQ Btry)

    2LT Ambrose Boles

    George Bolton

    PVT Laurence J. Bonin (HQ Btry)

    Henry “Cecil” Borne

    PVT Jessie Bowden (C Btry)

    PVT William B. Bowlin (HQ Btry)

    PVT Albert Branson (C Btry)

    John W. Bradshaw (A Btry)

    PVT Alva Bradley (HQ Btry)

    PFC J.B. Brantley (HQ and C Btry Wire Section)

    Brewster Branz

    PVT Jack V. Brashier (HQ Btry)

    John Bready (B Btry Survey Team)

    PVT Charles Breeding (A Btry)

    TEC5 Victor A. Brillowski (HQ Btry)

    SGT John C. Bristow (B Btry)

    PVT Lilburn R. Britton (HQ Btry)

    SGT William P. Brooks (HQ Btry)

    PVT Bobby Brown (C Btry)

    PVT Grady K. Brown (HQ Btry)

    PVT J.P. Brownlee (C Btry)

    PVT Raul Buentello (A Btry)

    SSG Robert E. Burgoyne (HQ Btry)

    PFC J.B. Burlison  (B Btry)

    PVT Obadiah Burns

    Pat Burns (A Btry)

    PVT ____ W. Butler (B Btry)

    PVT William D. Byrd (HQ Btry)

    Robert F Byrnes

    PVT Steve D. Calvert (HQ Btry)

    PVT George Canales (A Btry)

    CPL Martin Candelaria (HQ Btry)

    PVT Domingo G. Cantu (B Btry)

    PVT Victoriano Cantu (B Btry)

    TEC 4 Jack Carbury ( A Btry Motor Sgt)

    PVT Rollen Cate (C Btry)

    PVT Raby J. Carr (B Btry)

    PVT Edward Carrillo (B Btry)

    PVT Alva Carter (B Btry)

    SGT Donald E. Carter (HQ Btry Wire Section)

    PVT Estaban Castillo (B Btry)

    _____ Catnell

    CPL Milton A. Cavanaugh (HQ Btry)

    PFC Oscar Chandler ( B Btry Taxicab robbery @ Camp Butner)

    Edwin Chastain (A Btry)

    PVT Elodio Chavez (C Btry)

    PVT Gilbert J. Cheramie (B Btry)

    PVT Rick Cheramie (C Btry)

    PVT Elmer L. Childers (B Btry)

    CPT Angelo Cicciu (Btry XO)

    PVT Bentura Cipriano (C Btry)

    PVT Jim D. Clark (HQ Btry)

    TEC5 Warren H. Clay (HQ Btry)

    PVT Norman L. Clements (HQ Btry)

    PVT James Cobb (C Btry)

    SGT John Coke (A Btry, Intel Plt)

    PVT Aubrey Cole (C Btry)

    PVT Duke L. Collins (HQ Btry)

    PVT Guy N. Collins (B Btry)

    PVT Norman B. Collins (A Btry)

    PVT Woodson S. Colwell (HQ Btry)

    PVT Carl E. Connelly (B Btry)

    PVT Erbie Conley (C Btry)

    Charles Conrod (A Btry)

    TEC4 Charles Cormendy ( A Btry Gun Mechanic)

    PVT Benjamin E. Cook (HQ Btry)

    PVT LorIn Cook (A Btry)

    PVT Ernest W. Copley (HQ Btry)

    PVT James J. Cosgrove (HQ Btry)

    PVT Owen Cottrell (A Btry)

    SSG Vernon I. Coty (HQ Btry)

    PVT Raymond Couchman (A Btry)

    PVT Mayo Courville (HQ Btry)

    PVT Riveous E. Crain (HQ Btry)

    PVT Julian H. Craven (HQ Btry)

    PVT Rayford Croft (A Btry - Transferred to Infantry)

    PVT Bobby E. Crow (HQ Btry)

    PVT Vicente E.V. Cuellar (HQ Btry)

    MAJ Paul Culberson (Hq Btry CDR)

    1SG Merle Cummings (A Btry 1SG)

    PVT Noel M. Cummings (HQ Btry)

    PVT James Currie (A Btry)

    PVT Tomy P. Cutler (HQ Btry)

    PFC Ernest R. Dagley (C Btry)

    Frank Daly Jr. (A Btry)

    PVT Henry Davee (C Btry)

    PVT Manuel Davila (C Btry)

    PVT Darrel D. Davis (HQ Btry)
    David W. Davis (A Btry)

    PVT Paul H. Davis (HQ Btry)

    PVT Regnier Davis (C Btry)

    CPL Virgil P. Davis (HQ Btry)

    PVT Tito Degollado (C Btry)

    SSG Louis F. Derix (HQ Btry)

    TEC 5 Alfred Dickerson (A Btry)

    SGT Adam Dittenbir (B Btry)

    PVT Edwin E. Dement (HQ Btry)

    SGT Frank DeMercy (Commo / Wire Section)

    PFC Roy Denman (Medic)

    PVT James C. Dilbeck (HQ Btry)

    PVT Domingo C. Dominguez (B Btry)

    PVT Robert H. Dorsey (HQ Btry)

    PVT John T. Doughty (HQ Btry)

    Demand Doucet (C Btry)

    PVT Joseph D. Doyle (HQ Btry)
    PVT Guy R. Dulin (A Btry)

    PVT L.D. Dunlap (B Btry)
    Daniel J. Dunn (A Btry)

    PVT James M. Dunn (HQ Btry)

    2LT Fidel Dunne

    PVT Sherman D. Duty (HQ Btry)

    PVT Jesse Dyess (HQ Btry Vehicle Mechanic) (See audio interview link below)

    TEC4 John DZielinski (C Btry)

    TEC5 Frank E. Eason Jr (HQ Btry)

    PVT Charles J. Edens (HQ Btry)
    PVT Clovis Z. Edwards (A Btry)

    PVT John E. Eitson (HQ Btry)

    TEC 4 Dan J. Ellis (HQ Btry)

    PVT William A. Ellis (HQ Btry)
    2LT Duane Ellingham

    Calvin C. Elmore (A Btry)

    PVT Herman F. Elmer (B Btry)

    1LT LaVerne Emberts (Liaison Pilot shot down over Germany KIA 2 Jan ’45) (Buried Plot1, Row5, Grave 14 Luxembourg Cemetery Luxembourg)

    TEC 5 John Endresen (A Btry)

    PVT Junior M. English (HQ Btry)

    2LT Frank Esposito (Asst. Bn S2 and Survey Officer, Aerial Observer)

    PVT Earl S. Esteves (HQ Btry)

    PVT Jack Faciane (C Btry)
    PVT Willie Faircloth (A Btry)

    PVT Wilmer Falcon (C Btry)

    PVT John B. Farmer (B Btry)

    PVT Charlie E. Farrell (HQ Btry)
    Walter Ferens (A Btry)

    PVT Dale E. Fickinger (HQ Btry)
    Edward Fielder (A Btry)

    CPT Howard Fillmer (HQ Btry CDR and COMO)
    PVT Daniel Fletcher (A Btry - Transferred to Infantry)
    PVT Luis A. Flores (A Btry)

    PVT Clyde Fondren (C Btry)
    PVT Edward A. Foster Jr. (A Btry)

    PVT Bennie H. Foster (A Btry)
    PVT Arlon Fowler (HQ and A Btry)

    PVT Luis Franco (HQ Btry)

    PVT Arthur Franklin (C Btry)

    PVT Alfred J. Freelich (B Btry)

    PVT Texas Freeman (C Btry)

    PVT James C, Frye (HQ Btry)

    2LT Louis Fulop

    PVT Dewey Fulton (C Btry)

    LTC James C. Gabriel (Bn CDR)

    PVT George Garcia (C Btry)

    PVT Roy Garza (C Btry)

    TEC4 Chester Gembski

    PVT Hulin B. Gentis (HQ Btry)

    TEC4 Bernard W. Gerwolls (HQ Btry)

    PVT Robert Giddiness (C Btry)

    PVT Herman F. Glenn (B Btry)

    PVT Carlos Gloria (C Btry)

    PVT Ulus S. Gill (B Btry)

    PFC Robert H. Gittinger (HQ Btry)

    PFC Peter Giussago (B Btry)

    PVT William H. Glover (B Btry)

    PFC William R. Gooch (C Btry)

    PVT Finley Goode (C Btry)
    PVT Alfred H. Gonzales (A Btry)

    PVT Anselmo Gonzales (C Btry)

    PVT Bonito Gonzales (A Btry)

    PVT Cruz H. Gonzalez (B Btry)

    PVT Joe Gonzalez (B Btry)

    PVT Raul Gonzales (HQ Btry Medic)

    PVT William Gordon (C Btry)
    PVT Eddie Graham (A Btry)

    CPL James Graves (C Btry, Survey Team)

    PVT Patrick A. Greeley (HQ Btry)

    PVT L.D. Green (B Btry)
    John W. Greene (A Btry)

    PVT Henry M Green (A Btry)

    PVT Elmo Greenhill (C Btry)

    PVT Roy Griffin (C Btry)

    Peter Giussago

    PVT Alejandro S. Guerra (B Btry)

    2LT Charles Gurganus

    PVT Henry Gutierrez (A Btry)

    2LT Louis Haberkorn

    PVT Ralph Hall (C Btry)

    PVT Raymond B. Hall (HQ Btry Medic)

    PVT Hall (Field Survey Instrumentation)

    PVT Charlie W. Hamm (HQ Btry)
    Lewis S. Hammonds (A Btry)

    PVT Robert L. Hampton (B Btry)

    PVT Charles N. Haner (HQ Btry)

    1SG Paul E. Hanifan (HQ Btry)

    MAJ Robert Hannah (Bn S3)

    PVT Orval L. Harris (B Btry)

    PVT Robert Harris (B Btry)

    CPT Stone Harris

    PVT Loyd I. Hart (HQ Btry)

    TEC5 William Harvey (WIA Aug ’44 enemy aircraft strafing) (C Btry Crane Operator)

    PVT Jesse B. Harvill (B Btry)

    PVT Charles R. Hatcher (HQ Btry)
    1LT Lloyd R. Hawley (A Btry XO)

    PVT Thomas Hayman (C Btry)

    PVT Clarence E. Headley (HQ Btry)

    TEC5 John H. Heath (HQ Btry)

    PVT John C. Heiskill (HQ Btry)

    PVT George Henderson (HQ Btry)

    PVT William Herbsleb (HQ Btry)

    Eliot Herman

    PVT Pedro L. Hernandez (HQ Btry)
    PVT Rojelio O. Hernandez ( A Btry Machine Gunner)

    PVT James L. Hess (HQ Btry)

    PVT Edward P. Hicks (B Btry)

    SGT John High (C Btry)

    PVT Herman H. Hill (B Btry)

    TEC5 Bernard Hillebrandt (HQ Btry Medic)

    SSG Yarley Hilden (B Btry)

    PVT Mandell E. Hilton (HQ Btry)
    John W. Hinton (A Btry)

    SGT George Hodder (C Btry)

    TEC5 Jack Hodges (C Btry)

    PVT John Hoffman (C Btry)
    SGT John Hollebeek (A Btry  Transferred to Infantry)

    PVT Paul Holloman (C Btry)

    PVT Kenneth Holmes (C Btry)

    PVT Raymond Holtsclaw (C Btry)

    PVT Thomas Hopkins (C Btry)
    SSG Fred S. Hopson (A Btry Forward Observer)

    PVT Robert E. “Red” Horton (C Btry)

    PVT Joseph H. Hostetler (HQ Btry)

    PVT Arthur R. Hotard (HQ Btry)

    PVT Jack Houseberg (C Btry)

    MAJ George Howze  (Asst S3 and A Battery CDR) (Captured Bn’s first POWs 8ea on 8 Aug 44)

    PVT Henry Huckabee (C Btry)

    PVT Elmer (Eugene) Hughes (HQ Btry)

    1LT John Hummer (Asst. Bn S2 and Survey Officer) (KIA  1430hrs 15 Nov ’44 by enemy mortar fire near city of Thionville on the East bank of Moselle River)

    Paul Hummer
    PVT Buell Hunter (A Btry)

    TEC5 Lavern A. Hunter (B Btry)

    PVT Pablo H. Infante (A Btry)

    PVT Taz W. Irwin (HQ Btry)
    PVT J.P. Issacs (A Btry)

    PVT Allen Jackson (C Btry)
    PVT John F. Jett (A Btry)

    PVT Enrique Jimenez (C Btry)

    PVT Ignacio Jimenez (C Btry)

    PVT Willie W. Johns (B Btry)

    PVT Archie Johnson (C Btry)
    PVT Esias J. Johnson (A Btry)

    PVT James A. Johnson (HQ Btry)

    PVT Robert E. Johnson (HQ Btry)

    PVT Melvin W. Johnston (B Btry)

    PVT Arnold W. Jones (B Btry)

    PVT John Jones (C Btry)
    CPL Billy H. Jordan (A Btry)

    PVT Charles R. Jordan (HQ Btry)

    PVT Louis Kamitchis (C Btry)

    TEC5 Albert Kaskisto (C Btry)

    SSG Louis Kawucha (Field Survey Instrumentation C Btry)

    PVT James B. Keith (HQ Btry)

    CPL Charles P. Kelly (HQ Btry)

    PVT Jack R. Kelley (HQ Btry)

    PFC James Kidwell (C Btry, Survey Team)

    PVT Joseph Kidwell (C Btry)

    PVT Norman L. Kiefer (HQ Btry)

    PVT Richard F. Kindle (HQ Btry)

    CPT Howard Kingston

    PVT Steve Kiolbessa (C Btry)

    PVT Louis E. Kirby (HQ Btry)

    2LT Phillip Klatman

    PVT Donald L. Kline (HQ Btry)
    PVT Lester R. Kluting (A Btry)

    2LT Gerald Knackstedt (A Btry)

    SGT James C. Knause (HQ Btry)

    Walter S. Kohl (A Btry)

    PVT Elmer L. Koons (B Btry)

    SSG Frank M. Koscica (HQ Btry)

    1LT Cyrille John LaBlanc (Aerial Observer / Liaison Pilot)

    PVT Harry l. Lambiotte (HQ Btry)

    CPT Dudok Langerak (Bn S4 and CO of Svc Btry)
    PVT James E. Langford (A Btry)

    2LT Arthur Larsen

    PVT Santiago T. Lartique (B Btry)

    PVT Merrill G. Lawrence (B Btry)
    CPL Louis Leal (.50 Cal MG squad)

    PVT William M. “Max” Lee (A Btry)

    PVT Curtis LeNorman (C Btry)

    2LT Alvan Levenson

    PVT Noble F. Lewis (HQ Btry)

    William Kelly “Dub” Lewis  (Hq Btry)

    TEC4 Wayne Lidgard (WIA Aug ’44 enemy aircraft strafing) (C Btry Crane Operator)

    PVT Eugene A. Lockwood (HQ Bty)

    PVT Hunter L. Logan (B Btry)

    PVT Arthur G. Lopez (B Btry)

    CPL William W. Loftin (HQ Btry)

    PVT Robert P. Lovato (HQ Btry)

    TEC5 John S. Lowandowski (HQ Btry)

    PVT Marvin Lowe (C Btry)

    CPL Phillip J. Loyacano (B Btry)
    PFC David Luker (A Btry)

    2LT Charles Madden (A Btry)

    TEC5 Robert J. Madeira (HQ Btry)
    ______ _Manecia

    Tec5 George Marcak (Purple Heart wounded 31 July 1943 New Georgie Island prior to joining unit on 23 Nov 1943)

    PVT Daniel Marcelle (HQ Btry)

    CPL Frank Marcelletti (C Btry)

    PVT J.W. Martin (C Btry)

    PVT Richard C. Martin (HQ Btry)

    CWO Robert Martin (Bn S1 / Adjutant)

    SGT Cyril Martens (C Btry)
    Francis C. Martines (A Btry)
    PVT Bacilio V. Martinez (A Btry)

    PVT Francis C. Martinez (HQ Btry)

    PVT Francisco Martinez (C Btry)

    PVT Marcelino Martinez (C Btry)

    PFC Marcos H. Martinez (B Btry

    PVT James Mason (C Btry)

    SSG Olin Mason (C Btry)

    PVT Victor M. Mathews (HQ Btry)
    PVT Estarislado L. Mauricio (A Btry)

    PVT Lous P. Mayer (HQ Btry)

    PVT James Mayton (C Btry)
    Anthony J. Mele (A Btry)

    PVT Bell F. McCann (HQ Btry)

    PVT Clarence McCollum (B Btry)

    SGT Charles McCord (C Btry)
    PVT Carlton L. McCray (A Btry)
    PVT Charlie R. McClain (A Btry)

    PVT Dell E. McCuistian (HQ Btry)

    PVT Orville McDaniel (C Btry)

    SSG Robert M. McDonald (HQ Btry)

    PVT Earl R. McDow (A Btry)

    Burl “Mac” McGraw

    PVT J.C. McIver (B Btry)

    PVT Virgil W. McKee (B Btry)

    PVT John D. McKinght (B Btry)

    PVT Charles McKinney (A Btry)

    SSG Matthew McLellan (B Btry)

    PVT Marvin R. McQueen (HQ Btry)

    Anthony Mele (A Btry)

    PVT Prospero Melendez (B Btry)

    PVT James E. Melton (B Btry)

    PVT Cesario Mendez (C Brty)

    PVT Wyatt A. Mercer (B Btry)

    PVT Edwin C. Merrell (B Btry)

    PVT Hilton W. Mertz (HQ Btry)

    PVT Clarence Meyers (B Btry)
    William A. Meyers (A Btry)

    PVT Jerry Michalsky (A Btry)

    MSG Harry W. Michels (HQ Btry)

    CPT Roger P Michels (Bn Surgeon)

    PVT Herbert Mills (B Btry)

    PVT Jack Miller (HQ Btry)
    2LT Gray O. Miller

    PVT Roy D. Mills (HQ Btry)

    PVT Ramon Miralas (B Btry)

    PVT Ridgely Moise (HQ Btry)

    PVT Clarence J. Monceaux (B Btry)

    PVT Chester G. Montgomery (HQ Btry)

    PVT Estevan Montoya (HQ Btry)

    PVT Wilson J. Moran (HQ Btry)
    PVT I Johnie W. Morgan (A Btry)

    PVT William S. Morgan (HQ Btry)

    TEC5 Kenneth G. Moore (HQ Btry)

    PVT Cecil L. Moore (B Btry)

    TEC4 Kenneth Moore (Medic)

    2LT Carrol N. Morris (A Btry)

    Phillip Morris
    PVT Perry Moye (A Btry)
    PVT Bert A. Mullen (A Btry)

    Buck Mullens (A Btry Ammo SGT)

    PVT Marion W. Mullican (A Btry)
    Wilson Mullican (A Btry)

    CPT Paul Murphy (Svc Btry CDR and Bn Motor Officer)

    PVT Walder J. Murray (HQ Btry)

    TEC4 Andrew A. Myers (HQ Btry)

    PVT William A. Myers (A Btry)

    SGT Hilbert Nagel (C Btry)
    PVT Benjamin F. Nale (HQ and A Btry)
    CPL Phillip Narcomy

    PVT Billy J. Neal (A Btry)

    PVT Gilbert Nelson ( A Btry Taxicab robbery @ Camp Butner)
    SGT Harold F. Nickel (A Btry Motor Sgt)
    PVT Ray F. Noble (A Btry)

    PVT Elmer R. Nolen (HQ Btry)

    James O’Brien (C Btry, Survey Team)

    SSG Warren Olsen (B Btry)

    TEC 4 Leo Olszewski (C Btry)
    TEC 5 August Oprzadek (A Btry Cook)

    PVT Orville Osborne (C Btry)

    PVT John Panks III (C Btry  Field Survey Instrumentation)

    John Parker

    PVT Donald J. Parks (A Btry)

    PFC John Parker (C Btry, Survey Team)

    PVT John Parker (HQ Btry)

    PVT John B. Parker Jr. (HQ Btry)

    CPL Roger A. Parsels (A Btry Clerk)

    PVT Wildon Passman (C Btry)

    S/SGT Aylmer Patterson (C Btry)
    PVT Frank H. Patterson (A Btry)

    PVT Robert Patton (C Btry)

    PVT Lee R.Pearson (HQ Btry)

    PVT Joe Perez (B Btry)

    PVT Leonel Perez (C Btry)
    CPT Fred B. Perry (A Btry CDR)
    Alvis E. Peters (A Btry)

    1SG Donald Peterson (B Btry)

    PFC Arthur J. Petri (HQ Btry  Medic)

    2LT August Walter Pfluger (B Btry)

    PVT Linder L.R. Phillips (B Btry)

    Gilberto Pineda ( C Btry)

    PVT Gilberto G. Pineda (B Btry)

    PVT Lewis A. Pool (HQ Btry)

    PVT Aaron D. Porter (HQ Btry)

    PVT Gerald L. Porter (B Btry)

    PVT Daniel Porterfield (B Btry)
    PVT Lawrence R. Potts (A Btry Machine Gunner)

    PVT Glen R. Powe (HQ Btry)
    PVT Robert L. Presser (HQ and A Btry)

    PVT Leo L. Provenzano (HQ Btry)

    PVT Duane D. Purvis (HQ Btry)
    PVT Joe A. Pyle “AKA Muscles” (A Btry)

    SSG Edward J. Raetz (A Bytry Survey Section Chief Battlefield Commissioned to 2nd Lt 17 Feb ’45)

    PVT Regino Ramirez ( A Btry Gun Crew)

    PVT Manuel E. Ramirez (HQ Btry)
    PVT Oscar R. Ramos (ABtry)
    PVT Jack Rankin (C Btry)
    CPT Robert Ray ( Bn S2 and A Btry CDR)

    PVT Therman Reich (C Btry)

    PVT Clarence V.J. Renegar (HQ Btry)

    PVT Amilio Reyes (A Btry   Discharged before deployment to ETO)

    PVT Johnny Richardson (HQ Btry)

    PVT Marshall Rivers (HQ Btry)

    PVT Hewitt Roberie (C Btry)

    TEC5 Archie Roberts (HQ Btry Survey Section)

    PVT Ervin A. Roberts (B Btry)

    PVT Harold Roberts (HQ Btry)

    PVT Miles Roberts (HQ Btry)

    1SG James Robertson (1SG C Btry)

    PVT Eligio F. Rodriguez (B Btry)

    PVT John G. Rodriguez (B Btry)
    PVT Jose “Joe” Rodriguez (A Btry)

    PVT Nick Rodriguez Jr (HQ Btry)
    PVT Simon Rodriguez (A Btry)

    PVT Carl Rogers (C Btry)

    PVT Victor H. Rogers (ABtry)

    1LT Iver Roslund (Asst Bn S2)
    2LT James G. Rothrock Jr. (A and C Btry)

    1LT Charles Rothaermel (C Btry XO)

    TEC5 Francis J. Roussell (HQ Btry)
    PVT Antonio G. Ruiz (A Btry)

    PVT Amando L. Saenz (B Btry)
    Guadalupe Saenz (A Btry)

    PFC Armengol Saenz (HQ Btry Medic)

    1SG Walter Sahr (C Btry 1SG)
    PVT Santos F. Saldana (ABtry)

    PVT Sam S. Saladino (HQ Btry)

    PVT Tom C. Samples (B Btry)
    PVT Domingo Sanchez (A Btry)

    PVT Johnnie R. Sanchez (B Btry)
    PVT Robert S. Sanders (A Btry)

    PVT Otis E. Saunders (HQ Btry)

    PVT John Swaney (C Btry)
    PVT Leroy Savoie (ABtry)

    PVT William L. Schooley (B Btry)

    PVT Joseph A. Schnidt (B Btry)

    PVT Don H. Schmieder (HQ Btry)

    PVT Raymond Sears (C Btry)

    PVT William Self (C Btry)

    PVT Ramon Sena (C Btry)

    PVT Maurice Sevars (C Btry)
    PVT Robert W. Sheegog (ABtry)

    PVT Bennie M. Sherrell (HQ Btry)
    Robert W. Sides (A Btry)

    SSG John Siepieranski (B Btry Motor Sgt and WIA Aug ’44 enemy aircraft starting)

    Israel Silva

    PVT Leon T. Simmons (HQ Btry)

    PVT Carvin Simpson (C Btry)

    PVT William I. Simpson (HQ Btry)

    PFC James Sims (HQ Btry  Medic)

    1LT Paul Sinclair (Aerial Observer)
    SSG Ivan J. Slaughter (A Btry)

    CPL Irby Earl Slaughter (HQ Btry and A Btry Communications)

    PFC Calvin Smith (HQ Btry)

    PVT Elliot S. Smith (B Btry)

    TEC5 James A. Smith (B Btry WIA?)

    TEC5 Wayne “Elliot” Smith (WIA Aug ’44 enemy aircraft strafing)
    PVT Robert H. Smith (A Btry)

    Toby Smith

    PVT William H. Smith (HQ Btry)

    Billy C. Snodgrass (Ammo Bearer B Btry)

    PVT Argus Snow (C Brty)

    CPT Thomas Snyder (B Btry CDR)
    Willie E. Sofka (A Btry)
    Paul S. Soileaul (A Btry)
    Ernest J. Sonnier (A Btry)
    PVT Billy Spencer (A Btry)

    SSG Lawrence A. Sperberg (HQ Btry)

    CPL Leslie Spradlin (C Btry, Survey Team)
    Paul St. Clair  (HQ Btry)
    PVT Lowell Stamps (A Btry)
    PVT Lawless A. Stally (A Btry)

    PVT Milton J. Stephens (B Btry)

    PFC Gerhard Steppke (WIA Jan ’45)

    SSG William K. Steward (HQ Btry)

    Jeff Stewart (Field Survey Instrumentation)

    TEC5 Franklin N. Stranahan (HQ Btry)

    PVT Carl E Stone (HQ Btry)

    PVT Joseph Stoute (C Btry)

    PVT Jeff Stuart (C Btry)

    Riley W. Stuckey Jr. (A Btry)

    PVT Billie Suggs (C Btry)

    TEC4 Van E. Sumney (HQ Btry)

    PVT Robert Sutter (A Btry)

    PVT Charles R. Tackett (B Btry)

    PVT Theodore B. Talley (B Btry)

    PVT Jim Taylor (A Btry)
    PVT Earnie E. Tedford (A Btry)
    PVT Leon “Lee” Testa (A Btry)

    PVT Lester J. Thibodaux (B Btry)

    PVT Andrew D. Thompson (B Btry)

    PVT Cecil V. Thompson (B Btry)
    Jack A. Thompson (A Btry)
    PVT Joseph W. Thompson (A Btry)

    PVT Dioncio Tijerina (B Btry)
    SSG Elmer H. Totsch (A Btry, wrote the book “240” about his time in the 270th.)
    Dillard R. Tucker (A Btry)

    PVT Lewis W. Tynes (HQ Btry)

    SSG William Uhl (A Btry Supply Sgt)

    PVT Carlos D. Valadez (A Btry)
    SGT Albert M. Vanadef Velde (A Btry)

    PVT Albino Q. Varela (HQ Btry)

    PVT Alex Vicknair (C Btry)

    PVT Manual Vidaurri (C Btry)

    1SG Vic Vilbikeitie (A Battery 1SG)

    SGT Robert C. Vaughn (B Btry)

    PVT Maurice Venable (C Btry)

    PVT Willard J. Venable (HQ Btry)

    PVT Louis Vernon (C Btry)

    PVT Alisandro Villareal (A Btry)
    PVT Israel Villarreal (A Btry)

    PVT Daniel C. Voit (B Btry)

    PVT Frank R. Volesco (B Btry)

    PVT Clarence Vlater (B Btry)

    PVT James L. Waggoner (HQ Btry)
    ________ Ward
    TEC 4 Adam E. Wadzinski (A Btry Cook)

    PVT Floyd Waldon (A Btry)

    PVT Floyd G. Waldrop (HQ Btry)
    1LT Carl A. Walker (A Btry Aerial Observer / Liaison Pilot)
    PVT Harvey O. Walker (A Btry)

    PVT Jack C. Wallace (HQ Btry)
    CPL Harry E. Wallace (A Btry)

    SGT Robert T. Wallace (B Btry)

    PVT Louie M. Waller (B Btry)

    PVT Benjamin F. Walling (HQ Btry)

    PVT Charlie Ward (A Btry)

    TEC5 Jack Wasserman (HQ Btry)

    PVT Billy J. Watkins (HQ Btry)

    PVT Guy Watson (A Btry)
    PVT Willard Watts (A Btry)

    PVT Charles C. Webster (HQ Btry)

    Robert “Barry” Weigert ( Medic  Bronze Star and 2ea Purple Hearts)
    PVT Ralph W. Wendt (A Btry)

    PVT Arnold C. West (B Btry)

    PVT Melvin H. West (B Btry)

    PVT Eugene P. White (HQ Btry)

    PVT George H. White (B Btry)

    PVT Charles Whiteside (C Btry)
    PVT Ted Williams (A Btry)

    CPL Lester Williams (HQ Btry Medic)
    PVT James M. Williamson (A Btry)

    PVT Wayne Willingham (C Btry)

    PVT Alton D. Willmann (HQ Btry)

    PVT Charles S. Wilson (HQ Btry)

    PVT John C. Wilson (HQ Btry)

    PVT Henry J. Wilson (B Btry)

    2LT Richard Wilson (Liaison Pilot)

    PVT Charles A. Winborne (B Btry)

    PVT Jewel Wise (C Btry)

    SSG Leo J. Wisenski (HQ Btry)

    PVT Samuel F. Witt (B Btry)

    PVT Chris M. Woodard (B BTry)

    SSG Alex Woitowitz (HQ Bty  Medic)

    John Woolard (A Btry)

    John “Jack” Wolf ( C Btry)
    SSG Jerome Wolney (C Btry)
    John E. Woloszyn (A Btry)

    PVT Lee H.Womack (A Btry)

    PVT Bing F. Wong (HQ Btry)

    PVT Paul Wood (C Btry)

    PVT Phillip Wood (C Btry)

    PVT John R. Woolard (A Btry)
    PVT Tommy L. Wright (A Btry)

    PVT Jose Ybarra (C Btry)
    PVT Margarito R. Ybarra (A Btry)

    PVT Burton Young (A Btry)

    SGT Frank J. Zaleski (HQ Btry Medic and designed an improved Pharmacy chest)

    PVT Trinidad Zepeda (C Btry)
    PVT Richard Zule (A Btry)


    This list was put together by a laundry list of different sources (Unit Rosters, Obituaries, AARs, etc..) but as far as I know this is approx 90+% of the men assigned to the 270th at one time or another.

    Please feel free to correct me on any mistakes or any additions / info you may have about the unit.



  • BN

    1Lt LaVerne Emberts attended Field Artillery Plot Course P-34-I [the class was large so it was divided into 2 sections, I and II] at Ft. Sill OK  that began on 14 Jun 1943 and graduated on 24 Jul 1943. Upon graduation, he was awarded the Army Liaison Pilot badge and entitled to draw flight pay ( which was 50% of his base pay). His grade in the last portion of the course- Stage 3- was 72/100. While he was in training he was involved in a "Class C" aircraft accident. I'm not sure of the details of that accident, but it was not serious.

    1Lt Cyrille John LaBlanc also attended the same class and was in the same section "I" as Emberts. LaBlanc graduated with a 70/100 grade in Stage 3.

    Unfortunately, the page of the class lists for Lt Carl Walker is missing. He graduated from Artillery OCS Class 54-43 on 4 March 1943. Since he was already at Sill, he likely attended a Pilots course sometime in March 1943 and would have graduated in late April or early May 1943.

    Artillery Liaison pilots were pilots not Aerial Observers. Observers were volunteers from the ranks - NCOs or officers-who knew artillery business so they could adapt to assisting the pilot to adjust artillery from the air. But training Aerial Observers became a real challenge so before the end of the war, the Army had begun to train soldiers as Aerial Observers. There were no wings for Observers in Army Artillery.

    Morris P. Barker left the 270th FA not for Liaison pilot training in the Army but for the Cadet program of the USAAF intending to become a pilot. However, by the time he got to Miami to begin training, the program was suspended. So he trained as a gunner and flew on a B-24 which led to his shootdown.

    He was a POW in Stalag Luft 4 Gross-Tychow (formerly Heydekrug) Pomerania, Prussia (moved to Wobbelin Bei Ludwigslust) (To Usedom Bei Savenmunde) 54-16. You can look him up at the Texas Air and Space Museum. The write-up of his time in the 270th mentions a couple of names of his friends in the unit.

    I would be interested to know if you have ever found any information that identifies the tail numbers of the two Piper L-4 aircraft that were assigned to the 270th?.

    The planes were also known as "Cubs" or "Grasshoppers". Aircraft were tracked by their military serial numbers which appeared on the tails of the aircraft. The first number was the year in the decade the aircraft was made followed by numerals corresponding to the number of aircraft within the quantity of the number of aircraft ordered on a contract.  Of course, when a plane was lost, it was replaced by another but there were only two assigned to the BN.

    For example, 43-29832 was the Army tailnumber but it appeared on the aircraft as "329832". There were no hyphens used, just the normal letter/number spacing.

  • Sir

    Thank you for the insight to their training.  Info like this adds a bit of “personality” to the story. 

    My current objective is to locate some sort of accountability documents for the unit.  A copy of its Property Book or similar document.  If I come up with anything I will definitely let ya know.   Having something like the property book will help research equipment actually assigned to the unit.

    I will relook at the AARs and see if there is a mention of tail numbers.

    Again, thanks for the info and I will pass any new info your way.

  • Sir

    Here is a registry I found, but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but you may understand it a little better than I.


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