270th FA Bn.  ETO. WWII

i have been doing some fact finding about the 270th for the last few months and am wondering if anyone on here  has info about this unit?   This was my Grandfathers unit during the war and I would like to learn a little more about it.

Also can someone tell me where this info is from?  I have done so much digging/finding that I now know I did not keep my information in an orderly fashion.  Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Thanks.   Brian

  • Bill

    Thank you for the info and the photos.   I am truly thankful for the help.

    Some things that may be of interest to you.

    LT Roslund is   1LT Iver Roslund   He was the Asst Battalion S-2 (Intel section)

    SGT Lidgard was Wounded in Action Aug '44 by enemy aircraft strafing.  He was C Btry crane operator

    Staff Sgt Jerome Wolney

    I have a August Oprzadek listed as a cook for the Battalion.  Wonder if that is him in the photo next to your dad with the knife and the pig.  Maybe prepping dinner?  LOL

    if you would like, I can e-mail you my history document I have been working on. Its not very well organized, but has a lot of information about the Battalion. Its still a work in progress too.    I am headed into work tomorrow and hopefully will find some time to scan the AARs.



  • Brian:

    Your response is very interesting, thanks for fleshing these gentlemen's names out. No doubt you're right, August Oprzadek is the man with the knife and, like you say, they ate well that evening!  Below find my Father's captions on the back of these photos.

    I would love to see your "history document", I'm also working on one that is, to put it mildly, a mess.  I am attempting to put the Battalion's movements together with my Dad's letters to my Mom, along with any other detail from the 270th ETO pamphlet, "240", XX Corps docs, and any other pertinent histories like the 144th FA Gp info.  With the censorship in effect my Dad's letters during the "Somewhere in ___" phases are light on details.  But he put together a 16 page letter that goes from joining the 270th in Feb '43 through July 1, 1945 when he was transferred to the 243rd FA Bn.  I would be happy to share what I have with you as well. 


    Bill O'Brien

  • Bill

    If you want, shoot me an e mail and I will push some things I have digitally to you.

    between your stuff and mine, we may be able to piece together a pretty neat story.



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