Seeking official list of WWII Distinguished Flying Cross recipients

According to newspaper reports my Dad, David E. Harnly, received a Distinguished Flying Cross for his participation in medium bomber combat missions over the coast of France during WWII. I've been trying to find an official record of the award but have not had any luck.  Any suggestions on where to look?

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  • Vincent,

    It was an honor searching for these, as it always is, and always shall be..

    - I added 2 articles for you as well Vincent,  one from 1955 when he graduated from the USAF Officer Candidate School, and the other from 1952 with a photo showing him being awarded his AM.. (Air Medal). Thought you might like to see that, as there were not always photos such as these in the newspapers back then of the Airmen being awarded the DFC, AM, or other medals, so, this was wonderful even for me to see that photo published in that area newspaper...

    All my respect,


      (They forgot to add the "N" after the "I" in his last name upon the AM card)...


  • Dea,

    Wow! I really can’t thank you enough for your quick reply, I didn’t think I’d hear back this quickly. That photo from the newspaper of him receiving his Air Medal is so neat too!! My family and I greatly appreciate the work you did to be able to provide us with this information! I hope you have a wonderful evening and thanks again. Smiley

    Take care,