Seeking official list of WWII Distinguished Flying Cross recipients

According to newspaper reports my Dad, David E. Harnly, received a Distinguished Flying Cross for his participation in medium bomber combat missions over the coast of France during WWII. I've been trying to find an official record of the award but have not had any luck.  Any suggestions on where to look?

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  • You going to go over a few sections of the archives, and a few other sites to see if I can find a couple things for you. it can sometimes be luck of the draw, so I do not want to promise you anything, but I have a couple ideas, let me see what I can make of them, and if I have any success, I will provide that info to you ASAP....

    PS, you are most welcome....but there is no need for any thanks in the least. Never was able to have a chance to learn about my family's military history, so when I help others find theirs, it makes up for my loss in many ways....

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