Seeking records of 4088th Labor Service Company

Hello all!  My grandfather passed away before I was born (and when my mother was very little, so she never really knew him).  He was a POW of the Germans in WW2 at a camp in Ludwigshafen am Rhein (this is where the mighty 8th bomber group and RAF had been attacking for years).  Somehow he survived all of that and was liberated by the US Army.  He was a part of the 4088th Labor Service Company.  I am trying to find out anything and everything about that specific company.  I have already submitted a request for a copy of all the 4088th records from the national archives in St. Louis.  I am attempting to find out what that company did specifically.  I would LOVE to connect with anyone who is an ancestor of someone who also served in that company.  I am also trying to find a clear image of the patch that company had, as I would like to have a reproduction made for my own sentimental value.  If anyone can help, I would GREATLY appreciate it!  I have attached a copy of the actual discharge paperwork that my family found after my grandmother passed away (none of us knew any of this, let alone that she still had any of his paperwork).  I also have his actual arbeitskarte with his picture and all of his information on it.

4088th Labor Service Company Discharge Paperwork
  • Hi  Michael - I have just come across your post - I wonder if we have relatives who served in 4088 around the same time? My grandfather was a member of this LSC and I have a medal and certificate/book page awarding him this.  I am not sure if it has a picture of the actual company patch or if it is just the generalised US army LSC insignia - unfortunate my grandfather died a few years ago now and he rarely spoke about his time prior to 1950... however my grandmother is still alive and was the one to send the details and medal to us (family researching).  I have managed to have some information sent to me (albeit a 9month wait) regarding my grandfathers steps after leaving 4088... I will need to get back into this research.

    I am not sure if my grandfather had a diary as such but I will investigate.


  •  Are you able to contact me via these forums to discuss this further?  I would LOVE to talk to you some more about your connection to the 4088th!

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