Seeking history of US Army Tugboat LT 529

I am looking for information on the US Army Tug Boat LT 529.  The LT 529 was stationed in Okinawa from 1967-1969, but took frequent trips to Vietnam.  I am looking for anything that places the LT 529 in Vietnamese waters.

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    There is a newspaper article about Tug Boat LT-529 that places it in Naha Port, Okinawa in 1965.  Newspaper Morning Star, Okinawa June 21, 1965 page 7. Article titled: “Naha Port Smallest Area Largest Tug”.  I believe you can access this article. Do a google search.  The article has photos of the interior and the tug at work.  Photo of LT-529 Captain Ted Harris and second officer Lorenzo Condrillion.  Describes LT-529 having two sister tugs and are (they believe) the only 3 of its kind in the world due to its size used as harbor tugs.  143 ft long with 1,650 horsepower diesel engine.  Other vessels mentioned: 

    LT-1963 small tug

    General Edwin D Patrick, arriving with troops

    RMS Caronia was the largest vessel to enter

    American Hunter 8000 ton Freighter, exiting harbor

    Sorry I was not able to help with the Vietnam question.

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  • I was stationed as a radiooperator on the LT 579 off and on from May of 1967 until July 1968. My other duties in that year were as a Radiooperator in the Harbormaster office in Naha. As far as I can remember, the LT 529 was operated with Philipino Personal.

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  • Hello Ray,

                  My Dad was stationed on Okinawa for 30 years.  Most of that time on Naha Port.  He was a carpenter shipwright. He was known as “Chris”.  In 1956 he helped save a tanker off a reef.  The boats involved were: tanker Y-482, US Army J-3819 (my Dad was on this boat, it was not his normal job, he volunteered.) Tug LT-578, LT-1962.  He received a metal for bravery.  One day I hope to post the articles.  Unrelated to the incident just mentioned. I have a large postcard with a photo of Tug LT-578 on its side upon a reef.  It doesn’t give a date.  There is a helicopter overhead trying to rescue its crew.  Thanks for posting here.

  • I have many memories of my time on Okinawa. As I mentioned before, the Lt 529 was stationed in Naha and the 579 At White Beach. The jobs that both socalled "ocean going tugs fullfilled, were bringing the harborpilot to the incoming vessels and towing them to the docks. Also  they travelled to the Phillipines and Vietnam to pick up barges with damaged military equipment.