Seeking roster for 45th Infantry Division

I'm trying to find information on my great grandfather's service in WWII. My mom remembers him talking about liberating concentration camps, and my grandmother remembers that he was artillery and she thinks he trained at Fort Sill. I think that means he would have been in one of the artillery units for the 45th Infantry Division, but I don't know where to find a roster to check.

  • What is his name?

    I have two rosters of the 45th Division plus several Excel worksheets of men who served in the division.


  • Hello Dave,

    My Father-in-law (Alfred Chavez) served with the 45th Inf., 157th Reg..

    I have read Buechner's book "Sparks", seen the movie on NetFlix and have read many articles found on line. 

    I understand the unit was made up of many Native American and Latino men from Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona. 

    But yet find very very little information containing Native and Latino names.

    I have a copy of 1941 Company D roster with his and his two brother's names (Frank and Willie) among the names.

    I have a small, possibly med pouch with his name and unit 45th Div, 157th reg. Co F. Neither the roster nor the pouch have a battalion assignment. The book "Sparks" speaks of 3 separate battalions.

    I would like to know if you have his name in your rosters and what battalions he was in. 

    Thank you for your work and your assistance.

  • Hello, Jose.

    I found a PFC Alfred Chavez, ASN 38006260, in the 3 January 1944 roster of F Company, 157th.

    It shows he was dropped from the rolls on 30 December 1943 because of illness.

    E, F, G, and H companies comprise the Second Battalion.

    I also found a S/Sgt. Willie L. Chavez, ASN 38006249, in the 29 June 1945 Division Roster.

    He belonged to D Company, First Battalion, 157th, and also received the Bronze Star Medal per General Orders 233, HQ, 45th, dated 16 June 1945.

    A, B, C, and D companies comprise the First Battalion.

    Here is the screenshot of Alfred in the F Company roster:

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