Seeking Roster for 45th Inf Division WW2

Short version, I know that my father was transferred from the Army Air Corps to the infantry, I don't know to what division, in the winter of 1944, when the Allies were lined up along the Rhine.

His discharge papers list him as part of HQ & HQ Company 290 Infantry, which, if I'm right was part of the 75th Division, but they were farther to the north, involved in the Bulge. His old dress uniform has a 3rd Infantry Division shoulder patch.

Dad told us he was at Dachau. Just that, no other details. I know that the 45th, the 42nd, and the 3rd Divisions swept down through that area. The 3rd Division was not directly involved in the liberation of Dachau, but Dad, if he was with the 3rd Division, could have been sent over to see the camp. Eisenhower wanted as many as possible to witness the camps.

In his effects was a hard cover book, similar to school year books, of the 180 Infantry, 45th Division, published in Munich,1945. Dad's photo or name is not in the book. Circumstance may have prevented that. Possibly because he had enough points to be shipped home. I have to wonder why he would have that particular book.

Primarily I'm looking for a roster of the 45th Division, but also interested in the same for the 3rd Division.

I look forward to any and all replies.

Thank you.

  • Every Tom, Dick and Harry in the Seventh Army and beyond

    claimed to have liberated Dachau KZ on 29 April 1945 or to have

    been there afterwards.

    Nonetheless, I do have a roster of the 45th Infantry Division for 1945.

    If you provide your dad's name, I can check it.

  • Hey Dave, I’m new to this site and stumbled across this thread. I know it is old but thought I’d try to reach out. I have been trying to find out more about my grandfathers service and think he might have been a part of the 45th and was hoping you might see this and be able to check for me.

    like the original poster my grandfather was originally in the army air corp as a belly gunner in I believe the B24, but was transferred to infantry after a perforated eardrum. He also claimed to have been at Dachau and talked about it to some detail when I was younger. He also talked about some time in Italy and to the best of my knowledge (granted I am no expert) the 42nd was never in Italy.

    Anyways if you see this his name was Clarence LaHayne and he was enlisted. If you see this and check out your roster I would love to know what you find.

  • Hi, Ben.

    No record of Clarence E. LaHayne in the June 1945 Roster of the 45th Infantry Division nor

    in my General Orders' Worksheet.

    It is curious that his draft card ( has an annotated discharge date of 31 March 1946.

    The majority of the 45th ID GIs who returned in September 1945 were discharge Nov. - Dec. 1945


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