Seeking information about the 528th Field Artillery Battalion

I'm researching my grandfather's WWII military service, and I'm trying to find information about the unit he was with.

He was a lineman in the 528th Field artillery battalion, Hq & Hq battery.  He arrived  in Liverpool Europe with the unit on

November 13 1944 and  left for the USA on Aug 6 1945 on the Pierre Soule troopship, from Le Havre.

Does anyone have any information on this unit or battery that you can share with me?

Thank you,


  • Hi, Christine. Just saw your post. My father was the First Sergeant of Hq. & Hq. Battery, 528th Field Artillery, 37th Division, from around late 1943 or early 1944. Dad kept an itinerary of his travels from Camp Hood, TX, to Europe. It matches what you have posted. 

    He was from Sidney, Ohio, and part of the Ohio National Guard beginning in 1940. When WW II broke out, he was sent, along with the rest of the 528th, to Camp Shelby, MS. From there, the 528th was sent to Camp Bowie, TX, and then to Camp Hood, (now Ft. Hood). On Oct. 21, 1944, the 528th was sent to Liverpool, England. His itinerary lays it all out and is attached here.

    I have quite a few of his papers and will look to see if I can’t find anything that mentioned your grandfather. He kept a few logs on who was assigned to k.p. (mess hall duty), guard duty, etc. I’m also attaching a web link that speaks to the fighting in the Ruhr Valley, or Pocket) in Germany where they were.

    II’ll post anymore info. I find here later on.

    WW II Itinerary of 1st. Sgt. Robert D Torrence, pg. 2

    1944. Robert D. Torrence, 1st Sergeant, Hq. & Hq. Battery, 528th Field Artillery, Pg. 1

  • Hi Robert, wow thanks so much for responding to my post! I've been running into brick walls trying to get information on his military service. I've been looking for the name of the ship he left for England on, and now thanks to you I know it was the SS Argentina!!!

    The only other source I could find online was here:   His grandfather was in the 528th unit too, and he has some good information, except his grandfather was in the B battery of the unit.

    If you do come across my grandfather Peter's name in your Dad's unit histories, or personal papers, please let me know.  [Moderator Note:  Email removed.  See How To: Contact Another User ]

    Thanks so much!!


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