Seeking information on 302nd Motor Transport Corps, Repair Group B (World War I)

Looking for reliable information about the Group "B" Repair Unit 302 Motor Transport Corps (US Army) during World War I (where a Great-Grandfather served), particularly where the unit was stationed during the war.  A long-standing Wikipedia entry without sourcing suggests the 302 was based at the Motor Reconstruction Park in Verneuil (Nièvre), France, but this has been extremely difficult to verify.

The unit may originally have been called Provisional Company No. 2, Mechanical Repair Shop, Quartermaster 302. Unit also abbreviated Group "B", R.U., M.T.C.


  • Henry,

    Don't know your GGF name but found this  PA soldier's record who also served w/ Group B Repair 302nd MTC


    As the PA WWI Veterans Service & Compensation Files are on Ancestry, I looked him up to see what his record said.  This seems to confirm that they were at Verneuil (Nièvre), France

    - Also this is the Chaplain to Motor Repair Shops 302nd MTC record who's record also lists same place

    This is the ship's info on their return to the US in June 1919 [The US Army Transportation Records for WWI (Arriving & Departing) are on Ancestry & list the rosters of soldiers.  If you want to provide your GGF name I'd be happy to look him up for you


  • Very promising! My great-grandfather was named Frederick John Henry (ultimately Sr.). So far I already have his Arriving and Departing passenger lists coming to and from France, which is how I was able to learn the possible names of his unit.

    Outbound is here: Section of ship passenger list noting unit aboard

    Returning here:

    Section of ship passenger list noting unit aboard

    My rough understanding is that the Motor Transport Corps was created sometime after Fritz arrived in France, which explains the reorganization of unit names. However it has been difficult to fill in any more personal details or anecdotes between those two appearances on the arriving and departing passenger lists.

    Many thanks,


  • More details coming together in the path of Mechanical Repair Shop 302. Potentially some portion of the unit, organized as Provisional Company No. 2 was at Camp Jackson in South Carolina, as in a panoramic photo of the "Provisional Company No. 2" (unless this designation was more common):

    Then this book suggests that the Mechanical Repair Shop Units 301, 302 and 303 were at Camp Meigs in Washington, D.C. as early as October 1917.


    Unit 302 left New York aboard the RMS Olympic on January 11, 1918.

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