Looking for WWII records for the 529th Engineer Light Pontoon Co.

I'm trying to find information about the 529th Engineer Light Pontoon Company during World War II. A relative who served has the following information listed on his headstone application in 1961 in section #8 of the form: Grade Branch of Service, Company, Regiment and Division: "Private. Army. 529th Engr. Light Pontoon Co.I've looked on the Center for Military History website, in the Order of Battle, Europe and haven't found anything. I've looked generally on the web with no results although there is some data on other Light Pontoon companies. (Sometimes the spelling is 'ponton.')

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • Hi I saw your post about the 529th.  My father was in the 529th - Robert Leslie Andersen hometown Blackfoot Idaho.  I have my father’s travels in the 529th during the war.  I could send them to you. Let me know your email.  Jason Andersen 

  • Hi Jason. I was raised in an English village called Shenstone, where I understand the 529th were stationed during WW2. From your records of your father's travels, do you have any information about the 529th and Shenstone, Staffordshire? Many thanks. Mike

  • RE: Looking for WWII records for the 529th Engineer Light Pontoon Co.

    Sort of a long story.  My Dad was in the 529th and I was able to get his service records from the US government.  I do have those now.  Every Company has a scribe, and they log every day of what the company did that day. Some are short and some report casualties and other activities.  But their location of their movement is in those records.  They however start when they were in France after the 529th Landed on Utah Beach.  I'd be glad to send those to you.  I don't believe anything in those documents refer to their time in England prior to their arrival in France.  I'd be glad to email you those if you like. 

    I was curious where my Dad was before their landing on Utah Beach.  I found on this website, somewhere, the 529th were camped in Shenstone.  I think I remember seeing some pictures of Shenstone at that time.  None of those pics have my Dad in them.  Some of the pictures do have some explanation of the picture. 

    Lastly, my Dad did keep a diary of when he arrived in France through the end of the war.  It's kind of interesting what he saw.  I transferred it from his paper diary to an electronic version and was beginning to document with pictures of things his diary mentions.  I can also send that to you if you like. 

    I cant however post my email addrs...not allowed here.  

  • Hi Jason. That's awesome information to know of, thank you. It's great to hear you've been able to get so much detail about your Dad. Excellent work!

    Yes, it would be great to see what you've offered, thank you.

    So, how best to swap contact details? Is Facebook a viable option?



  • I just was given some records on the 529th. I have not been able to look into much detail as I got them last night. 

    MIikeG I did see a short l piece in regards to your questions I. Regards to Shenstone.

    "On April 27 1944 at 1250 Hours, the Queen Elizabeth docked at Greennock Scotland.Here we were fed a d then at 2350 hours the same day left for Shenstone, Staggorside, England." On July 5th 1944 at 1300 the 529th departed for Cokethorpe Camp, Ducklington, Oxford. ENGLAND. Copies from This is it! A saga of the 529th by PFC Arthur E Erni

     I have received a few diaries of members from the 529th that my wife's family must have gotten from reunions. 

    It is my hope to figure out how to post these documents to the internet via a website or even get copies made.



  • Hi Tom

    Interesting stuff. What you refer to must indeed be a reference to Shenstone, Staffordshire.

    I would very much like to see copies of those diary documents, please. Feel free to reach out so we can figure out how best to make this happen, so the history can be shared for all.

    Great work Tom, thank you.



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