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    Seeking records of 1st Infantry & 1st Cavalry Divisions in Vietnam 1969-1970


      I am a Vietnam combat veteran. I was a medic and in country from November 1969 through December 1970. I am hoping to find documentation of the missions my infantry company performed and the missions my artillery battery performed. Essentially, I am trying to trace my steps in Vietnam on a daily or weekly basis.  I have obtained my service records from the National Personnel Records Center but these records do not provide the mission level of detail I am seeking. My searches on the internet, including the Army website, 1st Division website, 1st Cavalry website, etc., have thus far been unfruitful. I was in Company D, 2/28 Infantry, 1st Infantry Division from November 1969 through March/April 1970 when the 1st Division “went home”.  I was then transferred to Battery C, 1/30 Arty, 1st Cavalry Division.


      An example of what I am looking for is: for a 7-10 day stretch, my company (D) was assigned to work on PBRs (Patrol Boat on River).  During this mission we engaged in combat with the NVA and both sides had casualties. (This was the first serious combat casualty that I treated.)  After this, my company was assigned to perform security for mine sweeping the road out of Dau Tiang for a week or so. The next week we would work with Rome plows clearing the jungle, etc. In the 1st Cavalry, Battery C, we would establish fire support bases in the middle of the jungle and work from there. We would establish a new FSB about once a month. One FSB was in or near Cambodia during the Cambodian campaign about July of 1970. I would like to find the name and location and mission description for all of the FSBs, etc. This information must be recorded somewhere but I have been unsuccessful locating it. I hope you can assist me or point me in the right direction.


      Thanks for your help.

      Paul Zimmerman (CAPT retired)