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    Searching for transcribed materials on loc.gov


      We regularly publish completed transcriptions from By the People back on the Library's main website, loc.gov. By following this link you'll get to the list of all By the People transcriptions that have been published on loc.gov. The search results for this link will be updated automatically over time as new content is added. As of May 1, 2020 we've published 16,315 transcriptions back on loc.gov:





      To celebrate Opening Day on March 28, 2018 (baseball season, for all you non-fans!) we published the first ever completed Campaign of materials back on loc.gov--the scouting reports of Branch Rickey. One way is to find these materials is to search for the attribution label: "Transcribed and reviewed by volunteers participating in the By The People project at crowd.loc.gov". This attribution appears on all transcriptions provided by BTP volunteers. Another way is to search for keywords such as "Branch Rickey Bing Crosby". This example will render one result--a single page on which the crooner is mentioned for endorsing a not very good (in Rickey's opinion) baseball player. If you run this search, you'll see this result:


      To see the single page with the result click on "View 1 image". But to see the whole item, meaning all of the surrounding pages starting at the beginning, click on the text of the item title in blue which reads "Branch Rickey Papers: Baseball File, 1906-1971; Scouting reports; 1951; G-Y."