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    Seeking number of US military who died on Tokashiki Island, WWII


      I'm not sure I can reach the right place I should ask, cause i'm not good at English. if not, please tell me.


      I'm a Japanese living in Tokashiki-island of Okinawa prefecture in Japan. My island is famous by mass commit-suicide (330 dead mostly ordinary citizen) on March 28, 1945 in WWII.  Annually, we have the ceremony for the people. I feel we should pray not only for the people, but also all the people dead in the battle, Japanese soldier, Korean worker for Japanese military, US soldiers. So I want to know if there are US soldiers who died on Tokashiki island or not during March 28-August 15, 1945. I want to know the number of US Military who died in battle on Tokashiki island (Ryukyus) during WW2.