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    What is included in RG 59 Central Decimal File for 1938-1939?


      There is a reference to "325.6224 Voigt, Hans/1" in a document found in State Dept. Central File: Decimal File 825.00, Internal Affairs of States., Chile, Political Affairs. Elections. Political Parties. Political Refugees. Amnesty. Revolutions. (Each Revolution Will be Made a Separate Case.) Riots. Political Conspiracies., May 26, 1931 - December 22, 1939. May 26, 1931 - December 22, 1939. Records of the Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of Chile, 1930-1939. National Archives (United States).


      Hans Voigt Schmidt was detained and expelled from Chile in 1939 for Nazi activities.  Does the folder only related to Chile?  Does it cover all Nazi agitation in Latin America?   How can I get an understanding of what is there?