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    Current Challenges or Where to start!

    Victoria Van Hyning Scout

      We periodically pose challenges to you, our amazing volunteers.


      Current challenge (March 6-15th, 2019)


      Our current challenge honors Women's History Month. The goal is for volunteers to complete (i.e. fully transcribe and review) a total of 300 pages between the Clara Barton and Mary Church Terrell campaigns by March 15th. We are aiming to bring the total for each 150 pages higher than they were on March 6, 2019. The numbers we're aiming for are 1,120 for Barton, and 1,225 for Terrell! As of the morning of March 8th, Terrell is well on her way to the goal. Volunteers have completed 127 pages! But poor Barton only has 11 pages towards the goal. Can you help her out? A great way to get started is to select a page that has been partially transcribed by another volunteer or submitted for review. There are loads of these in both Barton and Terrell. And of course you can always transcribe something new! https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/


      Previous Challenges


      #LettersToLincoln: Our first ever challenge was to finish transcribing and reviewing all of the Lincoln papers by the end of 2018, and while we didn't meet that goal, volunteers transcribed over 12,000 documents in the short time between October 23rd, 2018, when we launched By the People, and December 31, 2018.


      Branch Rickey: A subsequent challenge was to complete review of all of the Branch Rickey baseball scouting reports, which volunteers completed by February 22, 2019.

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          Victoria Van Hyning Scout

          Earlier this month we challenged you, our wonderful By the People volunteers, to complete 150 pages of both the Mary Church Terrell and Clara Barton campaigns. The challenge ran March 6th to 15th, and you smashed our goals! Friday, March 15th we were only six pages off from our Barton goal, with 1,191 pages complete. We felt confident when we left the office that the West Coast would get us over the line. When we arrived back to work on Monday morning we saw 1,259 completed Barton pages! Meanwhile, the Terrell challenge was completed just 2 days into the challenge! There are now 1,669 Terrell pages completed. Awesome work everyone!


          We have another challenge for you all, given that you accomplished the Barton/Terrell Women's History Month challenge in such good time, and went above and beyond!Between now and March 31st we're challenging you to get us over the 10,000 completed pages mark. We're Just 3 days into our 10k completed pages challenge, and volunteers have made big headway. We went from 9,246 on 3/19 to 9,708 at the end of the day EST on Friday 3/22/19. Great job everyone!