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    clarification on "minor errors" and price punctuation


      Two questions:



      <Preserve original spelling unless the author seems to have made a minor error, such as writing “teh” instead of “the”>


      Good Morning!  I guess this is a question for Victoria and Lauren...

      I've gotten stuck sometimes on the "minor error" caveat that's in the "how to transcribe" instructions. It's stopped me in the past from transcribing newspaper articles that had typos: Being on a printed page, it's obvious what the words are meant to be; and working in newspapers, I know that with deadlines and old-style typesetting, errors might've been allowed through for lack of time to correct them... So, with newspapers, when do you determine what is, or isn't, a "minor" error?


      I am going all-out and just transcribing those exactly, as has been stated in answer to other people's questions--- so whether it's "teh" or "advesary," that's what I'll be going with. Does that make sense? It'll unlock me and allow me to plow through some printed text.



      I have further questions on this piece I just reviewed and saved. In this one (link below) there's a list of prices, with spaces in lieu of dots, for example $4 00  instead of $4.00. The transcriber added the dots, and I left them, not having found reference to that in discussions.




      I would think the "leave it as is" rule would apply to this, but I didn't feel I knew enough to change the transcription in this case.


      At any rate, it's up for review again, so changes can still be made.



      Thanks in advance!