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    Dictation using smartphone


      I just completed another newspaper article.  This time I tried something different.  I dictated the text into a file on my iPhone, then copied and pasted it into the transcription window for the document.  I had to proofread the results, of course, but it wasn't any more work than reviewing someone else's transcription.  And it was a lot less typing!  Has anyone else used this method?  I probably wouldn't do it for every document, but it sure helped with a lengthy one.  Here's one I just submitted for review.  https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/letters-to-lincoln/1862-civil-war-death-of-willie-lincoln-drafts-of-emancipation-proclam…

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          Personally, I think that's awesome! I've always wondered about doing this, but never tried it. I think the rest of the By the People (BTP) team would be keen to hear that you've done this. Who knows, maybe someday we can bake this right into the application itself. I have no idea of how feasible that is, but it'd be cool! Chris Adams Elaine Kamlley Meghan Ferriter, thoughts?

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            Hmmmmm... This is the first good argument I've heard for trading in my flip phone!

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              Wayne Landry Newbie

              Great idea!


              Another option is to copy the image into Microsoft OneNote.


              Don't use the web clipper.  Just right click on the image and choose "Copy".  Paste the image in OneNote.  In OneNote right click on the image and choose "Copy Text From Picture" (OCR).  I tried it on the link that you provided and it worked very well. 


              The translation is not as accurate as a voice recording, of course.  It would not provide, therefore, an advantage for use in straightforward transcriptions but it could reduce the amount of typing involved.  It is also possible to read the material directly into OneNote as a variation on your iPhone technique.  I haven't tried that so I don't know if the recorded text would be in an editable format.  It should be since OneNote treats everything as blocks of information.


              OneNote has many other tools that can be used once the material has been captured so it is very useful for organizing research material (e.g. genealogy). 

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                  Lauren Algee Tracker

                  A great hack for typed pages!  I didn't realize that OneNote includes OCR capability.


                  We get a lot of questions about why we don't just use Optical Character Recognition on everything typed. The answer varies between collections. OCR is run on all Library of Congress digitized collections including segments of majority-typed pages. For most collections this works well and that OCR text is used.  For others, like the Branch Rickey baseball scouting reports, the quality was very poor and crowdsourced transcription will create much better text for search and readability. Rickey's many OCR errors can be credited to a mix of translucent paper, photocopies introducing shadows over some words, and the many forms/tables of player statistics. Typed materials appear sporadically throughout other Campaigns as well, including Mary Church Terrell's speeches and Abraham Lincoln documents.  In these cases the inconsistency and relatively small number of completely typed pages make them poor training sets for computer recognition.


                  Crowdsourcing research has shown that many people prefer to transcribe a page from scratch rather than correct flawed computer generated transcription. That said, it's great that you've found a process which allows you to capitalize on text recognition! I'd love to hear if other folks try out this or similar workflows for typed items when you come across them.

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                  Voice recording and translation system for smartphone application need some improvement.There are lot of mistakes has come after a voice to text conversion.Voice to text conversion is another important factor for News & Media development.




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