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    Searching for information regarding Roy Colvin Brewer during WWI


      I am searching for information regarding my grandfather, Roy Colvin (sometimes written Calvin in error) Brewer and his service in WW1. While overseas he served in Company M, 57th Pioneer Infantry before being reassigned to Company G 49th infantry.  At some point in December 1918 he was reassigned to the Prisoner of War Escort Company 249.  His ID number was 4,245,751.


      I would love to be able to find some unit records or additional personnel records.  I have a copy of the ship's passenger list for his trip from Hoboken to France on the Leviathan, and some letters that he had written to his mother from Camp Wadsworth in Spartanburg SC, as well as various locations in France.  Since he was generally in non-divisional units, it has been difficult to find information.


      I currently work in the Spartanburg County Public Library and am developing a program following soldiers from WW1, basically from the farm to France, especially those that went through Camp Wadsworth. His history is perfect for the kick-off of this since he went from the farm through Wadsworth, to France (not to mention that he is my grandfather, so there's that).


      Any information about him, or about the units, whether it be explicit information about him directly or unit histories would be GREATLY appreciated.


      Thank you for any help, or any attempt at help.


      Jon Davis