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    Revolutionary War soldiers


      Greetings. I am researching powder horns of the Revolutionary War era. Many of these horns have the name of its owner etched onto it. If I'm luck, they also have a date. One horn, for example, has this etched onto it:


      1st Sergt John Robbins

      1st Comp(y) Milta Art (y)

      (parenthesis mine)

      Phil (ada) County


      There is no date, but it is very similar to other horns etched with data from the Revolutionary War.


      I am having a difficult time within NARA finding these soldiers.


      1) If these soldiers were recorded and entered into NARA database, how do I find them

      2) If they entered into the NARA database, are they then findable in Fold3.com?


      I get a point within NARA where I can enter a man's name, but then I get stalled out. Some of it is simply confusing to me. I am new at this.


      Thank you.

      Ally Gierke

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          Dear Ms. Gierke,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub!


          The best place for you to start your search is on the National Archives website’s page, “The American Revolution.” There you can find the various kinds of records where a soldier’s name might appear, as well as the different databases and search engines you can use to look up their name. There are links to the National Archives catalog as well as Ancestry, Family Search, and Fold3. Try different sites to see which of their search functions are easiest for you to use.


          We wish you all the best with your research!




          Katharine Seitz

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