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    What devices and browsers are supported by crowd.loc.gov?

    Kelly Osborn Tracker

      I'm so interested in your new platform. It looks great! I'd love to have my kids give it a try. What is your recommendation for devices and browsers?

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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          Thanks for your question, Kelly! Because crowd.loc.gov invites you to transcribe documents, it is best experienced on a device with a large or full sized keyboard. A desktop computer or laptop is best; a tablet with keyboard should work. So, unfortunately, phones are not yet a great experience. We recommend an external mouse for most precise zoom.


          We support the two most recent versions of major browsers. You’ll have the best experience if you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers. The site will not currently work as designed on the Internet Explorer browser, but we're actively working behind the scenes to improve functionality in IE. Stay tuned!

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