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    1925 FBI Case File Info


      I am looking for information on an old FBI case from 1925.
      It involves patent infringement from illegal radio vacuum tube manufacturing.
      Would anyone know where to start? "Mr. Grover" was involved in evidence collection, as I own a piece of evidence from the case that is well marked as received by 'Bureau of Investigations'

      Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to find the old files.

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          Alan Walker Tracker

          Dear Mr. Benson,


          Thank you for using History Hub. Patent cases for the Bureau of Investigation (the FBI's predecessor) fall under Classification 27 (Patent Matters). One series of case files (Record Group 65, UD-09D 13) is at the National Archives at College Park, Maryland, Contact Archives2Reference@nara.gov for help in accessing these records.


          Best of luck in your endeavor.




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            The folks at College Park were great and responded quickly. Unfortunately, the case files there end at 27-HQ-403 which means I will have to file a FOIA request. Thanks for the help

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                If you have any idea where the Bureau of Investigation investigated Mr. Grover, you could see if there is a criminal case file associated with a Grover at that time. However, you'd have to figure out the closest US District Court and have the regional archives with those records check their indexes.

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                    I went back and gathered all of the case evidence/info that I have. The FBI was investigating maybe dozens of companies who were infringing on early vacuum tube patents. Find below the complete paste of my notes:


                    Vacuum Tube Evidence related to FBI Case Files

                    Case Nos.: 436, 469, 526, 471, others unidentified
                    Co. Investigated: Beacon Radio Co., Duratron, Supertron, URECO, Westron
                    Dates of evidence: Apr-October-November 1925

                    Beacon Radio Co.
                    Case #526
                    E#630 (evidence No.)

                    E.S.P. from
                    American Radio Stores, Inc.
                    437 Market St., Phila, PA

                    (written) Case #436
                    Received from Mr. Grover
                    Box flap stamped: 'Received APR-09-1925 Bureau of Investigations' written: 471-B


                    Purchased from United Radio & Elect Corp., Newark, NJ
                    Oct 27/25

                    Case #469-q

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                        The case numbers are probably specific to the BI/FBI, although it is possible they are the court case numbers if the Federal government filed criminal or civil charges against the different companies.  The Federal courts in New Jersey are part of the National Archives at New York (newyork.archives@nara.gov), while those in Philadelphia are part of the National Archives at Philadelphia (philadelphia.archives@nara.gov).  You could share this information with them and request a search of their civil and criminal indexes for the companies investigated during that time period. If your background research indicates any of the companies were based in other cities, the charges (if any were made) may have been filed in other courts.

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