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    Chillicothe Ohio prison


      Does anyone know whether records of prisoners held at the Chillicothe Ohio pen exist and where/how they might be accessed? My father and a family friend spent time there in 1937-38 for making whiskey. I'd like to add that information to genealogy records.

      Thank you.

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          Ryan Bass Adventurer

          Dear Ms. Hunsucker,


          There are two groups of records held that at the National Archives that might help you in your search. First is Criminal Case Files for the U.S. District Court for Chillicothe. These records are held by the National Archives in Chicago and their email is chicago.archives@nara.gov. Secondly, the National Archives in College Park, MD has custody of the Central Administrative Files for the Bureau of Prisons. For access to these records, please contact the Textual Reference staff at archives2reference@nara.gov. Thank you for your question to HistoryHub and best of luck in your research!

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            Alex Champion Scout

            Ms. Hunsucker,


            Thank you for using History Hub. It's important to convey that if your father and his friend were in a state facility we expect the National Archives would have little if anything about them as criminals unless they came into US custody or were tried in US court. A quick search online suggests the state facility in Chillicothe was previously owned by the federal government.


            You don’t say whether you have researched legal filings concerning your father and his friend. If you haven’t, we highly recommend that tack.


            The earlier reply to your post is right that you should check the pertinent Criminal Case Files series of Record Group 21: Records of District Courts of the United States, 1685 - 2009. These case files often have petitions, warrants, subpoenas, and more. The Ohio records would be at the National Archives at Chicago, which is reachable at this e-mail address: chicago.archives@nara.gov.


            We hope this helps you in your endeavor!

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