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    Children born to my great great grandmother


      I'm looking for any information about all the children my Great Great grandmother gave birth to. She had my Great grandfather out of wedlock, plus about 8 more children with her husband, but we can't find any record of his birth. On his obituary, it said he was preceded in death by his parents, but they were really his aunt and uncle. We can't find any proof of him being born..........any suggestions??

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          Dear Ms. Winesickle,


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          For many years especially in the U.S., it generally was not required for an individual to register the birth of a child. It is possible that a birth record for your ancestor does not exist especially if he was born out of wedlock. For example, in Maryland birth registration started in 1865, but full compliance did not happen until about 1910.


          We recommend you try contacting the state archives/repository for birth records for the state you think he was born in. They would be able to tell you if a birth record for the year you are looking for even exists. If one doesn’t exist you could try contacting a local history or genealogy center or group. They may have church records or family histories that could help you.


          If you could provide more information on the individuals and locations in question, we may be able to provide better assistance on where to look for information.


          Best of luck in your research!

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