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    Formal pictures of Army Air Forces Combat Crews


      My father was Sgt Roy F Lomanno and he was a TTE and the only survivor of his B-17 crew.  (Frederick Reed crew, combat crew #6108) and i am looking for their formal picture.  His was lost, along with the rest of his personal effects while being shipped back to the US after he went MIA (6 Oct 1944).     I have determined the picture was taken during combat crew training at Sioux City IA  Army Air Base sometime between 6/10/1944 and 9/1/1944.  I believe he was assigned to the 224th Base Squadron at the time.   A copy was given to the men plus it was included in the class's yearbook when they graduated from combat crew training.  The yearbook was called "Final Approach" and issued by the AAB.  I am looking for a copy of the photo or a copy of the yearbook.  The air force historical research agency came up empty and suggest the National Archives.