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    Finding out more about me and where we started.


           I am a 62 year old person and I'm trying to find out more about where my family started. What countries;people;how we came to be here. Everything and anything I can. That way I can pass it on to my grandchildren.

           Right now I have a strong interest in two of my past grandfathers. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

           The first is: Chief Francois-Xavier Rouensa born about 1650 Kaskaskia,Randolph,Illinois Territory,United States and the second is: Charles Aubry 1490-1560 born in Vilaine,Yonne,Bourgogne,France.

           Thank you in advance for any help that can be given.





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          Jenette Parish Adventurer


          Hello Robin,


          Thank you for contacting the History Hub regarding early ancestry records. Unfortunately, the National Archives holds only the records from Independence Day going forward. You may consider reaching out to Daughters or Sons of the American Revolution or State Archives in your area. Colonial records are normally held by the state.


          Another resource may be the wiki page on FamilySearch.org. Under the search tab, look for the research wiki, then search for the country or state of your interest. Online resources will pop up in the wiki research page.

          Best of luck with your research. I hope this information is helpful!

          Jenette Parish