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    Could "U.S. v. Charles Edward Anderson Berry" material be made more clearly "Chuck Berry" material to Citizen Archivist Transcribers?

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      Thanks to the National Archives for bringing 1 of 3 File Units in the National Archives Catalog called "United States of America v." or "U.S. v." "Charles Edward Anderson Berry" to my attention in the course of the current "Road Trip" to your Kansas City location on the Citizen Archivist Missions page.


      It took some help from Google to confirm to me that the "Charles Edward Anderson Berry" in question is in fact the pioneering (and late) rock'n'roll guitarist, songwriter, performer, and singer better known as "Chuck Berry" (1926-2017; a National Archives blog about him may be found here: https://rediscovering-black-history.blogs.archives.gov/2017/03/20/roll-over-beethoven-tribute-to-chuck-berry/ ) .


      It appears to me that the File Unit which was presented as part of the current "Road Trip" (National Archives Identifier Number 7563376) is only 1 of 3   File Units which have been digitized to the National Archives Catalog which deal with the late Mr. Berry's Federal Court cases (and that this one was presented to us Citizen Archivist Transcribers at this time because no one had transcribed any of its pages yet) . (The File Units -- from what I have seen -- mostly deal with the 2 "Mann Act" indictments (and the conviction, in 1 case) which partly-derailed Mr. Berry's career -- although I have found material in 1 Unit (National Archives Identifier Number 7563375) which deals with Mr. Berry's sentencing as a teenager in 1944 (I think on a State charge) .)


      I am glad that other Transcribers have joined me in working on this File Unit, but after discovering the other 2 file unites -- and that they are 1) not yet completely transcribed and 2) (unlike this one) contain court reporting from Mr. Berry's Federal trials in St. Louis in the 1960s, I would like to:


      1) ask whether the NARA and/or Citizen Archivists might Tag the 3 file units with a tag including (or just consisting of) the designation "Chuck Berry" ,


      and 2) direct others' attention to the 2 other File Units (which together contain over 900 pages (it seems) which have *not yet* been transcribed (although dozens have been already) : the one mentioned in the blog entry above (the largest) -- https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7403547  and the rather-smaller (and more-connected to the case which most of the pages in the "Road Trip" File Unit refer to -- a trial in which Mr. Berry was found Not Guilty) unit https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7563375 .


      (I would like to note that there is definitely content of interest in the File Unit now part of the "Road Trip" (especially for those interested in the process  by which American jurors come to decide a case) -- including juror lists, Judge instructions to jurors, and communication from the jurors to the Judge... -- and a document in which Mr. Berry and his wife pledge their house as (as I recall) "Surety" -- giving not only the value of the house then, but enabling us to read both Mr. Berry's (quite elegant) official signature and his wife's signature as well. )


      Thanks in advance for reading this post.




      Ethan W. Kent/ "EthanFromBellmore".


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