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    National Archives plans for Apollo 11 anniversary?

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      Seeing as we're coming up on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing next year, are there any plans in the works at the National Archives to commemorate the event?  (I'm sure any such announcements would have to be made through official channels before being discussed on History Hub, but I figure I might as well document at least one instance of public interest in the topic and see if there are others out there on history hub who would also like to hear what might be in the works...)


      (The tech history nerd in me can't help but mention it would be a good time to put up a better scan of the full profile drawing of the lunar excursion model:  https://catalog.archives.gov/id/2657372 - the PDF version is somewhat better than the jpg image (which is unread-ably blurry) but still rather limited...  for me at least that's one of the coolest drawings in the entire ARC.)

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          This is interesting. My high school drafting instructor drank a lot of coffee, and we used to watch the space missions

          on television. They say the original Apollo mission films no longer exist, because they were recorded over?

          Are there more plans and material legers of the initial LEM? There should also be calculations toward the material

          yield stresses and factor of safety criteria. They say there are laser reflectors positioned on the moon. Do the reflectors have plans? Maybe the US Mint will strike an anniversary coin? It would be great to see more of these plans of all the space ships!

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            Here is what NARA has planned so far:


            From the National Archives at Atlanta:


            The National Archives at Atlanta's 2019 symposium will take place in September and focus on NASA & the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.  Our Education Specialist, Joel Walker, does an outstanding job of lining up speakers and organizing content for our yearly symposium and he is already at work on 2019.  We expect 2019 to be a big one. Our facility will feature records from Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama and Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We accession records from these facilities every year and maintain an excellent working relationship with each.  In addition, we have been asked to take part in a NASA symposium on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. This will be held in March 2019 at Marshall Space Flight Center.”


            From NARA’s Social Media Team:


            “We've been working together with the communications, social media, and history offices at NASA to collaborate for their upcoming anniversaries (they are marking their 60th birthday this year, and the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission in July 2019).


            We'll be helping celebrate their anniversaries, while also sharing content, engaging with new audiences, and highlighting the records we hold about their agency.


            As of right now, we are working on a landing page on archives.gov dedicated to space exploration and NASA history, which will launch by September. The page will also include an interactive timeline of events, Catalog records, and citizen archivist engagement. There will also be lots of social media engagement, including an Archives Hashtag Party on October 1, in conjunction with NASA. The theme will be: #ArchivesInSpace.”



            Oh, and about that scan of the LM model. This from the National Archives at Fort Worth:


            “We have submitted a better scan for https://catalog.archives.gov/id/2657372.”

            Check the Catalog in a few weeks. 


            And keep checking NARA’s website for further updates on upcoming events and exhibits.

            Thank you for your interest!


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              An update from the National Archives at Atlanta: our symposium is currently being developed and will occur on 09/21/2019. Per usual, we will have an online exhibit that coincides with the event which can be accessed from anywhere. Keep an eye on archives.gov/atlanta for more updates, such as the online exhibit, speakers, details, registration (it will be a free event), and more.


              Just as well, the #ArchivesInSpace tweets from us and the other NARA locations are still searchable on Twitter, and we also have records of the Marshall Space Flight Center and the Kennedy Space Flight Center if you are interested. Email us at atlanta.archives@nara.gov and we will be happy to send you finding aids.



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