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    Finding record of military scrip used to pay for cash entry land


      I am trying to track down a possible lead found in the original cash entry land file for Silas Montgomery in 1833 in Zanesville, Ohio #6161. The record can be seen on the BLM website but I did view the original file in person at NARA. On the back of one of the receipts was the following note:


      Back of receipt


      I *think* it says "Ky. Bty Land Scrip No. 7455 $49.16" - Kentucky Bounty Land Scrip?


      I do not believe Silas was ever in the military (was not old enough) so I would like to know how he obtained the script. I do not believe he ever lived in Kentucky either.


      There was also a note on the back of another receipt that the transaction was "recorded vol 13 page 126" - recorded where?


      I appreciate any insight on where I can find further records regarding this purchase.