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      • Re: How can i find the comments about FBN, BNDD (1973), and the creation of DEA (1973) on Internet?
        Alex Champion Scout

        Hello Mr. Young,


        If you are only looking for online resources, the Drug Enforcement Administration has an 18 page history of the agency. This includes information about predecessor organizations and could provide some context.


        As far as comments go, the best place to look is not online but at the Federal Register, which documents federal activities and “provide[s] a forum for public participation in the democratic process.“ Their “Contact Us” page should be helpful.


        At the National Archives and Records Administration we house the records of the DEA and its predecessor organizations in Record Group 170. Your best bet would be in Entry A1 9, Subject Files of the BNDD (National Archives identifier 20014196). Unfortunately these records are not online and what we do have is not described with great detail in finding aids. Reference staff can dig further into the finding aids on your behalf but a cursory glance yielded nothing. Still, it doesn't hurt to ask. Reference is reachable at archives2reference@nara.gov .


        Best of luck in your endeavor and thank you for using History Hub!