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    Help! I need to identify these historical photos...




      I’m a Norwegian student (at UiT The Arctic University of Norway) working on a project regarding the use of documentary photographs in fiction films. I need to identify the photos used in the Terrence Malick film Days of Heaven (1978). I have already identified many of them but these are remaining unidentified:


      Unidentified photographs from Days of Heaven


      According to photo historian Naomi Rosenblum the above images number 2, 5, 19 and 24 (and possibly 1 and 21) are photos by Lewis W. Hine. By I would very much like to know more about them (and the other ones as well). And since The National Archive has 20 000 images by Hine I thought this would be a good place to ask.


      The photo of Woodrow Wilson would also be great if it could be linked to place and time.


      So, If anybody has information about the original photographs of these stills from Dan Perri’s wonderful title sequence to Days of Heaven please let me know. Besides the photographer I would very much like to know when and where it was shot, if it has a specific title and if it is possible to find a source either online or in a book.


      The photographers should be among these five as noted in the end credits (Edie Baskin is a contemporary photographer and therefore not linked to any of the historical photgraphs):


      Henry Hamilton Bennett


      Chansonetta Stanley Emmons


      Lewis Hine


      Frances Benjamin Johnston


      William Notman





      PS. I anybody wants to view the whole title sequence with all the photographs you can find it here.