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    Copy of Oldest NARA FOIA Unanswered?


      How would I get a Copy of the Oldest NARA FOIA that has Not had a response ?

      Does the Oldest NARA FOIA have a Receipt Date of 08-31-1993?

      What was the Topic and does it have a FOIA Log Number?

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          Dear Mr. Tomko,


          Here is the reply from NARA’s Special Access and FOIA Staff:


          1. For a copy of the oldest FOIA request, send an email to FOIA@nara.gov.
          2. Yes, August 31, 1993 was the date NARA received that FOIA. It given the case number NND 941031, and then was

                   later changed to reflect the number in the National Declassification's Center’s tracking database: NW 37334. 

                  The topic is listed as "Gen. Wheeler Files;" no other information is provided. The case has since been closed.


          Thank you for posting your question to History Hub.

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