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    Native American lessons for your classroom


      Card.jpgThere is a new resource from the National Park Service Lewis and Clark Historic Trail, the University of Oregon, and the National Archives!  It contains two volumes of articles designed to help teachers incorporate Native American stories, histories, facts, and teaching methods into their classroom.  Included as well are 7 complete teaching units, focused around Native perceptions and realities along the Lewis and Clark Trail, that demonstrate the how the principles from the handbook can be used to create the inclusion of :Native People into your classroom discussion.  The teaching units include connections to Common Core, the National Museum of the American Indian "Essential Understandings," state Native Education resources, book and other resource lists, useful online sites for studying science, history, writing, reading, geography, geology, and more!  All materials are either included or linked so you can start using  in your classroom TOMORROW.  Everything is available at:  http://honoringtriballegacies.com