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    How do I find floor speeches given by the Speaker of the House?

    Kelly Osborn Tracker

      I am trying to locate some of the major floor speeches given by Rep. Nicholas Longworth when he was Speaker of the House from 1925-1931.

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          Legislative Archives Scout

          Hi Kelly! Thanks for contacting us on History Hub.


          The best resource for locating a speech given on the floor of the House or the Senate is the Congressional Record. The Congressional Record is the official record of proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress. It's published daily when Congress is in session.


          The Congressional Record is available online through several sources. For the years you are interested in, I'd recommend accessing it freely available through the GPO's GovInfo website.


          To locate speeches by an individual, start with Index to the Proceedings for each year you're looking for. Look up 'Longworth' and skim down to section titled: 'Remarks by, on' to find a list of subjects on which he's spoken and the page numbers on which they're given.


          Another way to access the Congressional Record in its entirety is through HeinOnline, a paid subscription database. HeinOnline is available via computers at National Archives research locations and also usually through local academic libraries.


          I also want to note that the predecessor publications to the Congressional Record are freely available from A Century of Lawmaking, a project from the Library of Congress. And from 1989 to the present, it's on Congress.gov.




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