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    Documents about a collaboration between Walt Disney, Roosevelt and Rockefeller.


      Hello everybody.

      I am new to the board, nice to find such an interesting community!

      At the moment I am writing a University essay about the Disney cartoons produced in the USA during the Fouties, specifically focusing on those set in America Latina, such as Saludos Amigos and I Tre Caballeros

      Therefore I am on the hunt for any available document concerning the collaboration between Walt Disney, Roosevelt and Rockefeller about the Good Neighbor Policy.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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          One good resource to beign your search is the archives of the Rockefeller family and their philanthropic organizations. The Rockefeller Archive Center is open to researchers, and typically has staff available to help determine if your research question merits a visit to the archive, and they may be able to provide copies for researchers unable to visit the archive. You can find them online at The Rockefeller Archive Center, and can also browse their finding aids on the site. A cursory search for "Disney" turns up several results that seem promising. Best of luck!

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            Ms. Birocci:


            We looked at Record Group (RG) 229, Records of the Office of Inter-American Affairs and found four possibly relevant series of records in the file of their Motion Pictures Divisions.  In Box 216 of RG 229, I7 Entry 1 Central Files, 1940-1945 is labeled “Disney Activities” and contains several folders. In another series of records, RG 229, I7 Entry 77, Motion Picture Division: Project Files, 1942-1945, boxes 947, 951, 956, 958, 959, and 960, we found multiple files the Walt Disney Company. Most of the folders have titles like this: Walt Disney Field Survey and Short Subjects; Walt Disney Production Field Unit; Walt Disney Sees South America; or Health and Literacy. In both cases, these files appear to relate to films in production or already produced, so they may not be relevant to your search. The other two series of records had no information about Walt Disney or his company.  We can make the boxes we found available to you in the Main Research Room of our College Park, Maryland, facility. You can find more information about doing research in College Park here. If you cannot travel to College Park, you may wish to consider hiring a professional researcher. Information about researchers for hire can be found here. We can also arrange to copy the the contents of the files for you for cost of 80 cent per page. We  didn’t do a page count, but we estimate there are between 250 to 500 pages in the files we found. You can write to archives2reference@nara.gov to request a more accurate page count and an order form.


            We also checked the finding aids of RG 59, General Records of the State Department for any potentially relevant Office of Inter-American Affairs records that may have been within those records. It appears that none of those records are relevant to your search.


            RG 229 does not have a correspondence file for Nelson Rockefeller, the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs at that time. You may wish check with the FDR Presidential Library to see if they have those correspondence files.. You may also wish to check with the Rockefeller Archive Center.


            It also appears that the Walt Disney Company maintains an archive that may have some of the correspondence as well. You can email them at: TWDC.ARCHIVES@disney.com

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