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    Looking for Cherokee card# for


      Sarah Jane Elizabeth Brown Cogdill (1851-1920) or Ora "Iowa" Elizabeth Cogdill Lassiter (2/4/1886-3/11/1977)

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          Hi Tiffany,


          Thanks for sharing your question on the History Hub! 

          Are the Cherokee card numbers you’re looking for these women’s enrollment, or roll, numbers?  If so, there are a few places where you can do a name search using the Indian Census Rolls, Dawes Records, and Guion Miller Rolls to determine these women’s numbers.


          Indian Census Rolls date from 1885-1940 and are available online through Ancestry.com and Fold3.com. 


          Dawes Records generally date around 1907.  They are available online through the National Archives catalog.


          Guion Miller Rolls date from 1906-1911.  The National Archives offers a free online name index.  The full rolls are available through Ancestry.com and Fold3.com.


          The National Archives offers free access to Ancestry and Fold3 at all of their research room locations.  You may also be able to access paid genealogical sites for free through a public library.


          The National Archives also has more resources for researching Native Americans on their website here.


          Best of luck with your search!