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    I need help so I can fill out a Reference Service Slip[NA 14001]


      I need help so I can fill out a Reference Service Slip[NA 14001](note: an Army Specialist had done this for me when I was at NARA at College Place, Md. in Sept.)  Specifically, Can you provide instructions on how I define the location of a file to a Stack,Row, Compartment, & Shelf to a particular Box/Item area?  for example with an RG120 & entry number 545, I know a 90/81/31/06 {St,R,C,Sh} is specified, how was this arrived at? I think this will help me pinpoint the file locations where I can fill out the Reference Service Slip before I come back to NARA at College Place, Md. as well as locate online files which may be accessible online through NARA.  watt

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          Dear Mr. Harrison,

          Thank you for your question to History Hub!  Here is an example of the NA 14001 slip you reference in your request.  You are responsible for filling in the blank white area not marked optional in concert with an archivist.

          While you can fill in the information relating to your name, researcher card number (assuming you have an active one with us), date, and even record group/entry number (information you can gather from the National Archives Catalog online) BEFORE you arrive, you will still need to come IN PERSON or send a paid researcher in your stead to one of our Research Rooms (such as the Textual Research Room at College Park) to obtain the stack area, row, compartment, and shelf information.  This information is located in either the finding aids in the consultation room on site or on our in-house system HMS (Holdings Management System), the latter of which can only be accessed by National Archives archivists and archives technicians. 

          The 81/31/06 information you referenced in your post is the row/compartment/shelf information while the stack area (first number) is incomplete (likely one of either B190, 190, 290, or 390 stack areas in College Park).  This information is only of use to the archivists and archives technicians who pull these records from the stack areas and deliver them to the research room at scheduled pull times Monday to Friday (researchers are not responsible for pulling or refiling records).  More information on pull times and research room rules can be found here.

          If you have this much information regarding the records you want to look at already and cannot look at the records in person or pay a researcher to look at them for you in College Park, you may also want to try submitting a reference request remotely to have individual pages or folders within individual boxes copied and sent to you digitally at the cost of $.80 per page. If you wish do this, please send the related record group, record entry number, box and folder information to the Archives II reference branch by e-mail at archives2reference@nara.gov.

          Thank you for your inquiry to History Hub and best of luck on your search!

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