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    What Civil War records can I find in DC that aren't online or available as part of the "compiled service records"?


      I have two great-great grandfathers who fought for the Union -- one was in the 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves and served his full three-year period from 1861-1864 with little personal incident (he survived, unwounded). The other joined from 1864-1865, deserted after a week of enlisting, was found, then wound up in the hospital sick a couple of times, fought a bit, and then finished his service with musketball injury to his foot (I'm half-thinking it may have been intentionally self-inflicted).


      For both gentleman, I've ordered their compiled service records from NARA.


      I am going to make my first trip to NARA in DC soon and was wondering what other records there I might look for that could tell the story of their service a bit more. I'm interested in things outside of what was included in their compiled service records and what would be available online through Ancestry, Fold3, or FamilySearch. What types of things should I be looking for?



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