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    Seeking Clarification Re: COVID-era Emergency (Civilian Personnel Record) Requests

    Steven Schooner Newbie

      Has NARA published any guidelines with regard to what constitutes (or qualifies) an emergency request during the COVID pandemic?  The short list of reasons I have seen include:

      • military burials
      • employment - needed for a job application
      • medical treatments


      Is it correct to assume that any request for records necessary to meet a (legitimate, legal) pending deadline will suffice?


      Also, how far in advance of the pending deadline should the emergency request be submitted?


      Finally, if I previously submitted a request for (my own) civilian personnel records but did not label it an emergency request. Should I re-submit another (emergency request).


      This seems inefficient, but I am assuming it is the correct approach.


      Alas, when I submitted my initial request, I did not realize that only emergency requests were being processed.


      I found  Charleen Vocca's post very helpful: The SF 50: That Elusive Form Everyone Needs ASAP - unfortunately, it suggests a binary choice (which appears to be:

      (1) submit an emergency request; or

      (2) assume that your request will not be processed (indefinitely, since it appears there the potential backlog of non-emergency requests now exceeds a year, and grows daily).

      Thanks for any additional information