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    US Signal Corps training films


      I'm trying to locate a copy of a 1951 training film made by the United States Signal Corps. It was titled "Support in Emergencies." A Google search for that name yielded some military printed materials that referenced the film and included "TF -  19-1701."


      I cannot make heads of tails of the Archives on-line information. There is an entry for "Records of the office of the Chief Signal officer." There is a sub-entry for 111.10 titled "Motion Pictures (General) 1917-63." If you click on that, the resulting description refers to a "World War II training and combat films ("ADC Film"), 1941-51 (10,641 reels), with card catalog." But there is no further index or description that I can find anywhere.


      Can anyone offer any thoughts on this? It is not even clear where these things are. But, assuming that they exist, the idea of watching 10,641 films to find one that I want to see is not appealing.