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    Where is the USS Pueblo map?

    Bill Streifer Adventurer

      In January 1968, the USS Pueblo and crew was seized by the North Koreans. I remembered seeing a map showing the route the Pueblo took prior to its capture, so I Googling the Internet like crazy, Nothing. Then, when I realized that Lyndon Johnson was President at the time, I contacted the Johnson Presidential Library. Their response: "We can't find the map." Still nothing.


      So I went back to see if I could locate that map again. When I give it a good look, I realized it wasn't a Navy map or an NSA/CIA map. It was a hydrographic map since the Pueblo pretended to be an AGER (Auxiliary, General Environmental Research) ship perform hydrographic experiments.


      When I discovered that NARA had Records of the Defense Mapping Agency [DMA], RG 56 (456.X) whose predecessor agency included the Department of the Navy, DOD, U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office (USNOO), OCNO (1962-72), I suspect the map might be found there. According to an officer aboard the Pueblo, "A blank chart from the U.S. Hydrographic Office had been used for our track chart." Obviously, the map wasn't seized by North Korea, unless the North Koreans discovered it and used it as evidence that the Pueblo was a spy ship.


      How do I locate, and obtain, a copy of that map without visiting NARA?

      I have attached the map (the labeling removed), which might help locate the original.


      Pueblo route from Bucher's My Story.jpg