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    Seeking records of Anthony Rush & explanations

    Cathy Gallagher Newbie

      I am looking for my husbands GG Grandfather- Anthony Rush, born in Ireland. Anthony Rush joined the NY 78th Regiment, company C on  31 Mar1862.  I have a great deal of MR but some things I could really use clarification on and I would greatly appreciate your help.


      --31 Aug 1863 he was "absent in arrest" - Does this mean he was arrested?  Can I find out for what reason and for how long?

      --30 Apr 1864 he was "absent detached to 8th brigade Ambulance Corps".  I was doing some reading and I understand they would put some of the more troublesome people in the ambulance corps.  Is that correct?  Would there be any documentation re: said behavior?

      --27 Jan 1865 - "deserted" -- ????

      --18 Apr 1865 - "returned from desertion on presidents proclamation" ???

      He mustered out 21 July 1865 in Alexandria VA

      He was naturalized 20 Oct 1866 - was there a "declaration of intent" for this? or was he just naturalized because he was in the civil war?  I have been trying to find out WHERE in Ireland he was from and so far I've had NO LUCK.


      I know I have a lot of questions. I do appreciate your help.