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    Question(s) about USS Boxer (CV-21) from April of 1945 to August of 1945

    Benjamin Marn Newbie

      My grandfather served as a Machinist Mate 2nd Class aboard USS Boxer from 1945 to 1949 (or 1948, I'm not 100% sure), after spending '42 to '45 manning Higgins boats in the Pacific theatre. As a little tribute to him I am planning on building a 1/350 scale model of USS Boxer as she appeared from her commission on April 16, 1945, to sometime in August of 1945, basically her as-built shakedown cruise specifications. Now, there aren't a lot of late war long hull Essex class models in 1/350 scale, so what I have to do is start with Trumpeter's model kit for USS Hancock (CV-19) and make the necessary modifications to turn it into Boxer, and I have some questions concerning what modifications that need to be done, as I am struggling to find photographs of Boxer taken before the end of the war, especially of the starboard side. Does anyone know if the National Archives has engineering drawings and blueprints of USS Boxer as commissioned in 1945? They would be extremely helpful in making my model in general, but particularly helpful with small details and variations that set her apart from her sister ships. I know this question might be opening a whole can of worms, and that I may not be able to get every single detail, but any help would be appreciated!