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    Seeking records of post-Civil War Army Hospital

    Breanne Robertson Newbie

      A friend who works at the Neill-Cochran House in Austin, TX, reached out to me and asked for guidance on where to search in NARA's holdings for records related to its use as a federal hospital for soldiers suffering malaria and yellow fever between 1865-1867. She is especially interested in who worked for the Army at the site, how many soldiers were quarantined/patients, and how many died.


      From the N-C House website:

      "During the latter part of the Civil War, Lieutenant Governor Fletcher Stockdale lived on site with a 10 year lease to own contract on the property.  Stockdale briefly served as Governor in 1865 and surrendered Texas to Federal troops under the command of Colonel George A. Custer. Custer requisitioned the property for a Federal war hospital for soldiers recuperating from yellow fever and cholera.  The quarantined soldiers damaged the property extensively, but thanks to that damage we know that the house site was surrounded by white palings (wooden fence) at the time, and that the interior walls were plastered with wooden mantelpieces (which survive to today)."


      My experience with Military Records has focused on Navy/USMC, so I would be grateful for RG suggestions I can pass along. Thanks in advance!