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    German transcriptions - OCR scanning, tagging and finding German documents

    Sabine Gorgas Scout

      Hello all,

      I try to transcribe German records I mostly take from the links provided from others. I run now over some questions/problems:


      1) How do I find German records, which need to be transcribed or reviewed, when I do not want to go trough all pages of the project?


      2) While going through some projects I noticed, mainly newspaper articles, which were probably scanned and marked as completed. Unfortunately the entire text did not make any sense because these scan programs do not pick up -yet- the kind of old German printing. Just to give one example, where actually should be the letter "s" in a word the scan puts the letter "f" and this through the whole page.


      3) Tagging: how do I tag German records? Do I tag in German, in English or both? Even names are often different in both languages, f.e. Frederick the Great or Friedrich der Große or German Emperor William II oder Kaiser Wilhelm II, München or Munich, Köln or Cologne, Preußen or Prussia.

      Another problem would be the spelling. Since the German language has the letters ä, ö, ü how should the tags look like? Should the German letters be used or should it be used as ae, oe, ue or should it be tagged just with a, o, u? A similar problem comes with the letter "ß" ("sz"). Should it be tagged f.e. as Preußen or Preussen? In my genealogical research I always have to search all letter variants to really find the most.


      Thanks a lot for any suggestion!