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    Seeking Bureau of Education bulletin called "Accredited Higher Institutions"


      I am trying to track down a bulletin by the Bureau of Education called "Accredited Higher Institutions" in the date range 1917-21. I found selected years on ERIC, but can find no document by this name when searching NARA. I don't know if these simply don't exist (maybe they were published sporadically) or I'm just not finding them on the NARA website.


      I am trying to pin down the date that our community college was accredited by a regional accrediting organization (I already contacted their archives and they couldn't help). This bulletin is the only source I can find that lists institutions accredited by specific organizations. The accreditation date has always been thought to be 1918, but I have no archival records to prove it--have no idea where this information came from. I have been able to find an online copy of "Accredited Higher Institutions" for 1922 that shows that it was accredited by that date, but none for the years in question.

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          Hello Ms. Lee,

          We searched for that title “Accredited Higher Institutions” on WorldCat.org and came upon several libraries that have hard copies going back to 1917, one year before the school claims it was accredited. Michigan State University’s copies of 1917’s Accredited Higher Institutions were digitized and combined by Google Books and are viewable on the Hathi Trust’s Website. The link should bring you to the page 287 of those scans, which is the title page of Bulletin no. 17. That issue breaks down accreditation by type of accreditor and thereunder by state. Please be aware that the URL for this publication will change as you scroll but the navigation bar at the top of the Website will reset the pages once you scroll to a different bulletin. For example the table of contents for Bulletin no. 17 for 1917 is on page 289 in the URL but page 3 in the navigation bar.

          Unfortunately it seems the next volume was not published until 1922, Bulletin no. 30, the year you referred to. A way around this gap might be to consult with the accrediting organization (be it a university, a state, or an association) where the school appears. Since the publication does not list the United States as an accreditor, it suggests accrediting was not a national matter and, apart from these Bureau of Education bulletins, the National Archives probably would not have government records on such matters.

          We hope this helps with finding your answers!


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              Thank you, Alex. You confirmed what I suspected, which is that the publication wasn't published yearly. It's also helpful to know that the National Archives is unlikely to have other education records, so I don't spend more time researching there.


              The archives of the regional accrediting body was the first source that I consulted but their holdings don't go back far enough. I've also searched our local newspaper, which frequently published articles on the junior college, as well as the school district superintendent's reports and the bi-monthly school board minutes. (You'd think they'd have wanted to publicize this accreditation since they constantly mentioned that the college was accredited by the state university.) The finding of the 1922 bulletin on ERIC raised brief hope that I might find additional government information, but it appears not.  


              Thanks again for your time and effort in responding.